bootfile (dhcpv4-pool-config)

The Bootfile command provides a diskless node path to the image file while booting up. Only one file can be configured for each DHCP pool.

For more information on the BOOTP protocol with reference to the DHCP policy, see bootp bootp (dhcpv4-server-policy-config).

Supported in the following platforms:

  • Access Points — AP505i, AP510i/e, AP560i/h
  • Service Platforms — NX5500, NX7500, NX9500, NX9600, VX9000


bootfile <IMAGE-FILE-PATH>


bootfile <IMAGE-FILE-PATH>


Sets the path to the boot image for BOOTP clients. The file name can contain letters, numbers, dots and hyphens. Consecutive dots and hyphens are not permitted.


rfs4000-229D58(config-dhcp-policy-test-pool-testPool)#bootfile test.txt
rfs4000-229D58(config-dhcp-policy-test-pool-testPool)#show context
 dhcp-pool testPool
  address class dhcpclass1
  bootfile test.txt

Related Commands


Resets the boot image path for the BOOTP clients

bootp (dhcpv4-server-policy-config)

Configures BOOTP protocol parameters