accelerated-multicast (meshpoint-qos-policy)

Configures the accelerated multicast stream's address and forwarding QoS classification



For accelerated multicast feature to work, IGMP querier must be enabled. When a user joins a multicast stream, an entry is created in the device's (AP or wireless controller) snoop table and the entry is set to expire after a set time period. Multicast packets are forwarded to the appropriate wireless LAN or mesh until this entry is available in the snoop table. Snoop querier keeps the snoop table current by updating entries that are set to expire. It also keeps an entry for each multicast stream till there are users registered for the stream.

Configured on WiNG 7.1.X controller and pushed to the following WiNG 5.9.X APs:

  • Access Points — AP7502, AP7522, AP7532, AP7562, AP7602, AP7612, AP7622, AP7632, AP7662, AP8163, AP8543, AP8533


accelerated-multicast [<MULTICAST-IP>|autodetect] {classification [background|


accelerated-multicast [<MULTICAST-IP>|autodetect] {classification [background|


Configures the accelerated multicast stream address and forwarding QoS classification


Specify a list of multicast addresses and classifications. Packets are accelerated when the destination address matches.


Lets the system to automatically detect multicast streams to be accelerated

This option allows the administrator to convert multicast packets to unicast in order to provide better overall airtime utilization and performance. The system can be configured to automatically detect multicast streams and convert them to unicast, or specify which multicast streams are to be converted to unicast. When the stream is converted and being queued up for transmission, there are a number of classification mechanisms applied to the stream and the administrator can select what type of classification they would want. Classification types are trust, voice, video, best effort, and background.


Optional. Defines the QoS classification to apply to a multicast stream. The following options are available:

  • background

  • best effort

  • trust

  • video

  • voice


nx9500-6C8809(config-meshpoint-qos-test)#accelerated-multicast classification video
nx9500-6C8809(config-meshpoint-qos-test)#show context
meshpoint-qos-policy test
 accelerated-multicast classification video

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