iot-device-type-imagotag-policy config commands

The following table summarizes IoT Device-Type Imagotag policy configuration mode commands:
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IoT-Device-Type Imagotag Policy Config Commands

Command Description
channel (iot-device-type-imagotag-policy) Configures the channel assigned for ESL communicator to tag communication in the 2.4 GHz band
enable (iot-device-type-imagotag-policy) Enables the ESL communicator
fcc-mode (iot-device-type-imagotag-policy) Enables the FCC compatibility mode on the ESL communicator
output-power (iot-device-type-imagotag-policy) Configures the maximum output power for the ESL communicator
payload-size (iot-device-type-imagotag-policy) Configures the maximum payload size in packets exchanged between ESL communicator and tags

server (iot-device-type-imagotag-policy)

Configures the ESL SES-Imagotag server‘s hostname or IP address

ssl (iot-device-type-imagotag-policy) Enables SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption mode of communication between the AP and the SES-imagotag server.
window-size (iot-device-type-imagotag-policy) Configures the transmission window size for messages exchanged between ESL communicator and tags.
no (iot-device-type-imagotag-policy) Reverts this IoT Device-Type Imagotag policy settings to default values