Creating an AP 7161 Profile

Folow the steps below to configure a AP 7161 profile:

  1. In the wireless controller's global config mode, create a AP 7161 profile.
    rfs4000(config)#profile ap7161 AP7161_UseCase1
  2. Assign the profile to the VLAN defined in Creating a Wireless Controller Profile. In this section, the VLAN was defined as VLAN 2. When applied to the AP 7161 access point, this profile will configure the AP to be a member of VLAN 2.
    rfs4000(config-profile-AP7161_UseCase1)#interface vlan 2
  3. Configure this VLAN to use DHCP. Enabling DHCP on the VLAN ensures that devices associating using this access point are automatically assigned a unique IP address. Once completed, exit this context.
    rfs4000(config-profile-AP7161_UseCase1-if-vlan2)#ip address dhcp
  4. Map the VLAN to a physical interface on the profile. In this example, VLAN 2 is mapped to the GE1 and GE2 interfaces of the AP profile. When applied to the AP 7161 access point, this profile will map VLAN 2 to the AP's GE1 and GE2 ports.
    rfs4000(config-profile-AP7161_UseCase1)#interface ge 1
    rfs4000(config-profile-AP7161_UseCase1-if-ge1)#switchport access vlan 2
  5. Similarly configure the GE2 interface.
    rfs4000(config-profile-AP7161_UseCase1)#interface ge 2
    rfs4000(config-profile-AP7161_UseCase1-if-ge2)#switchport access vlan 2
  6. Map the WLAN to a radio on the access point. An AP 7161 has 3 radios (on certain models), two of which can be configured for WLAN support. In this scenario, two radios 1 and 2 are mapped to WLAN '1' created earlier.
    rfs4000(config-profile-AP7161_UseCase1)#interface radio 1
    rfs4000(config-profile-AP7161_UseCase1-if-radio1)#wlan 1
    rfs4000(config-profile-AP7161_UseCase1)#interface radio 2
    rfs4000(config-profile-AP7161_UseCase1-if-radio2)#wlan 1
  7. Commit the changes made to the profile and exit this context.
    rfs4000(config-profile-AP7161_UseCase1)#commit write
  8. Apply this profile to the discovered AP 7161.
    1. Use the discovered AP 7161's MAC address to access the AP's configuration context, as shown here.
      rfs4000(config)#ap7161 00-23-68-16-C6-C4
    2. Assign the profile to the AP 7161access point.
      rfs4000(config-device-00-23-68-16-C6-C4)#use profile AP7161_UseCase1
      rfs4000(config-device-00-23-68-16-C6-C4)#commit write
    3. Apply the RF Domain to the AP 7161access point.
      Apply the previously created RF Domain to enable a country code to be assigned to the discovered access point. A discovered access point only works properly if its country code is the same as its associated wireless controller.
      rfs4000(config-device-00-23-68-16-C6-C4)#use rf-domain RFDOMAIN_UseCase1
      rfs4000(config-device-00-23-68-16-C6-C4)#commit write