set (bgp-route-map)

Configures the values attributed to a route matching the match criteria specified in the BGP deny or permit route-map rules. These attributes are applied before the route is sent out.

Supported in the following platforms:

  • Wireless Controllers — RFS 4000

  • Service Platforms — NX 95XX, NX 96XX


set [aggregator-as|as-path|atomic-aggregate|comm-list|community|extcommunity|ip|
set aggregator-as <1-4294967295> <IP>
set as-path [exclude|prepend] <1-4294967295> {<1-4294967295>}
set atomic-aggregate
set comm-list delete <COMMUNITY-LIST-NAME>
set community [<COMMUNITY-NUMBER>|none]
set extcommunity [rt|soo] <EXTCOMMUNITY-NUMBER>
set ip next-hop [<IP>|peer-address]
set local-preference <0-4294967295>
set metric <0-4294967295>
set origin [egp|igp|incomplete]
set originatorid <IP>
set source-ip <IP>
set tag <0-65535>
set weight <0-4294967295>


set aggregator-as <1-4294967295> <IP>
set aggregator-as <1-4294967295> <IP> Configures the BGP aggregator‘s ASN and IP address. Aggregates minimize the size of routing tables. Aggregation combines the characteristics of multiple routes and advertises them as a single route. The configured BGP aggregator settings are applied to filtered routes.
  • <1-4294967295> – Specify the route aggregator‘s ASN from 1- 4294967295. This option is disabled by default.
    • <IP> – Specify the route aggregator‘s IP address. BGP allows the aggregation of specific routes into one route using an aggregate IP address.
set as-path [exclude|prepend] <1-4294967295> {<1-4294967295>}
set as-path [exclude|prepend] <1-4294967295> {<1-4294967295>} Configures the BGP transform AS path attribute to be applied to filtered routes
  • exclude – Configures a single AS, or a list of ASs, excluded from the AS path
  • prepend – Configures a single AS, or a list of ASs, prepended to the AS path
    • <1-4294967295> – This keyword is common to the ‘exclude‘ and ‘prepend‘ parameters. Use it to specify the AS number. The ASs identified here are excluded or prepended depending on the option selected.

You can configure multiple ASNs.

set atomic-aggregate
set atomic-aggregate Enables BGP atomic aggregate attributes

When a BGP enabled wireless controller or service platform receives a set of overlapping routes from a peer, or if the set of routes selects a less specific route, then the local device must set this value when propagating the route to its neighbors. This option is disabled by default.

set comm-list delete <COMMUNITY-LIST-NAME>
set comm-list delete <COMMUNITY-LIST-NAME> Deletes specified BGP communities. All communities matching the community list name string are deleted from the route.
A BGP community is a group of routes sharing a common attribute.
  • <COMMUNITY-LIST-NAME> – Specify the community list name.
set community [<COMMUNITY-NUMBER>|none]
set community [<COMMUNITY-NUMBER>|none] Configures a community attribute for this route
  • <COMMUNITY-NUMBER> – Specify a community attribute. Use one of the following formats:
    • internet - Advertises this route to the Internet. This is a global community.
    • local-AS - Prevents the transmit of packets outside the local AS
    • no-advertise - Prevents advertisement of this route to any peer, either internal or external
    • no-export - Prevents advertisement of this route to BGP peers, keeping this route within an AS.
    • aa:nn - Configures the first part (aa) representing the AS number. The second part (nn) represents a 2-byte number.
  • none – Specifies community attribute as none
set extcommunity [rt|soo] <EXTCOMMUNITY-NUMBER>
set extcommunity [rt|soo] <EXTCOMMUNITY-NUMBER> Configures a extended community attribute for this route
  • rt – Identifies the route target (rt) extended community
  • soo – Identifies the site-of-origin (soo) community. This is the origin community associated with the route reflector.
    • <EXTCOMMUNITY-NUMBER> – This keyword is common to the ‘rt‘ and ‘soo‘ parameters. Use it to specify the extended community number.
set ip next-hop [<IP>|peer-address]
set ip next-hop [<IP>|peer-address] Configures the next hop for this route. Use one of the following options to identify the next hop:
  • <IP> – Specify the nest hop‘s IP address
  • peer-address – Enables the identification of the next-hop address for peer devices. This option is disabled by default
set local-preference <0-4294967295>
set local-preference <0-4294967295> Configures the BGP local preference path attribute for this route map. When configured, enables the communication of preferred routes out of the AS between peers. This option is disabled by default.
  • <0-4294967295> – Specify the preference value from 0 - 4294967295.
set metric <0-4294967295>
set metric <0-4294967295> Configures a metric for the route
BGP uses a route table managed by the external metric defined. Setting a metric provides a dynamic way to load balance between routes of equal cost.
  • <0-4294967295> – Specify the metric from 0 - 4294967295.
set origin [egp|igp|incomplete]
set origin [egp|igp|incomplete] Configures the origin code for this BGP route map
  • egp - Sets the origin of the route to eBGP
  • igp - Sets the origin of the route to iBGP
  • incomplete - Sets the origin of the route as not identifiable. Use this option if the route is from a source other than eBGP or iBGP.
set originatorid <IP>
set originatorid <IP> Configures this route map‘s originator IP address
set source-ip <IP>
set source-ip <IP> Configures this route map‘s source IP address
  • <IP> – Specify the IP address in the A.B.C.D format.
set tag <0-65535>
set tag <0-65535> Configures this route map‘s tag value
The Tag is a way to preserve a route‘s AS path information for routers in iBGP.
  • <0-65335> – Specify a tag value from 0 - 65535.
set weight <0-4294967295>
set weight <0-4294967295> Enables assignment of a weighted priority to the aggregate route
  • <0-4292967295> – Specify a value from 0 - 4294967295.


nx9500-6C8809(config-dr-route-map-test-dr-route-map-rule-1)#set aggregator-as 1
nx9500-6C8809(config-dr-route-map-test-dr-route-map-rule-1)#set as-path exclude 20
nx9500-6C8809(config-dr-route-map-test-dr-route-map-rule-1)#set community internet
nx9500-6C8809(config-dr-route-map-test-dr-route-map-rule-1)#set ip next-hop peer-address
nx9500-6C8809(config-dr-route-map-test-dr-route-map-rule-1)#set local-preference 30
nx9500-6C8809(config-dr-route-map-test-dr-route-map-rule-1)#set metric 300
nx9500-6C8809(config-dr-route-map-test-dr-route-map-rule-1)#show context
 deny route-map 1
  description "This is a deny route map rule"
  match as-path FilterList_01
  match ip-route-source prefix-list PrefixList_01
  set aggregator-as 1
  set as-path exclude 20
  set ip next-hop peer-address
  set metric 300
  set local-preference 30
  set community internet

Related Commands

no (bgp-route-map) Removes the attributes configured for this route map