The following table summarizes auto provisioning policy configuration commands:
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Auto Provisioning Policy Configuration Commands

Command Description
adopt Adds a permit adoption rule
auto-create-rfd-template Enables auto creation of a new RF Domain based on an existing RF Domain template specified using this command
default-adoption Adopts devices even when no matching rules are found. Assigns default profile and default RF Domain
deny Adds a deny adoption rule
evaluate-always Runs this policy every time a device is adopted
redirect Adds a rule redirecting device adoption to a specified controller within the system
upgrade Adds a device upgrade rule to this auto provisioning policy
no Negates a command or reverts settings to their default


For more information on common commands (clrscr, commit, help, revert, service, show, write, and exit), see Common Commands.


The input parameter <HOSTNAME>, wherever used in syntaxes across this chapter, cannot include an underscore (_) character. In other words, the name of a device cannot contain an underscore.