Device Config Commands

Removes device overrides in order to enable profile settings to take effect

Supported in the following platforms:

  • Access Points — AP505i, AP510i/e, AP560i/h
  • Service Platforms — NX5500, NX7500, NX9500, NX9600, VX9000


remove-override <PARAMETERS>


remove-override <PARAMETERS>
remove-override <PARAMETERS> Removes settings configured at the device level based on the parameters passed. The profile (applied to the device) settings take effect once the device-level overrides are removed.


rfs4000-229D58(config-device-00-23-68-22-9D-58)#remove-override ?
  adopter-auto-provisioning-policy-lookup  Use centralized auto-provisioning
                                           policy when adopted by another
  adoption                                 Adoption configuration
  adoption-mode                            Configure the adoption mode for the
                                           access-points in this RF-Domain
  alias                                    Alias
  all                                      Remove all overrides for the device
  application-policy                       Application Policy configuration
  area                                     Reset name of area where the system
                                           is located
  arp                                      Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
  auto-learn                               Auto learning
  autogen-uniqueid                         Autogenerate a unique id
  autoinstall                              Autoinstall settings
  bridge                                   Bridge group commands
  captive-portal                           Captive portal
  cdp                                      Cisco Discovery Protocol
  channel-list                             Configure a channel list to be
                                           advertised to wireless clients
  cluster                                  Cluster configuration
  configuration-persistence                Automatic write of startup
                                           configuration file
  contact                                  The contact
  controller                               WLAN controller configuration
  country-code                             The country of operation
  critical-resource                        Critical Resource
  crypto                                   Encryption related commands
  device-upgrade                           Device firmware upgrade
  dot1x                                    802.1X
  dpi                                      Deep-Packet-Inspection (Application
  dscp-mapping                             IP DSCP to 802.1p priority mapping
                                           for untagged frames
  email-notification                       Email notification configuration
  enforce-version                          Check the firmware versions of
                                           devices before interoperating
  environmental-sensor                     Environmental Sensors Configuration
  events                                   System event messages
  export                                   Export a file
  file-sync                                File sync between controller and
  firewall                                 Enable/Disable firewall
  floor                                    Reset name of floor where the
                                           system is located
  geo-coordinates                          Geo co-ordinates for this device
  global                                   Remove global overrides for the
                                           device but keeps per-interface
  gre                                      GRE protocol
  interface                                Select an interface to configure
  ip                                       Internet Protocol (IP)
  ipv6                                     Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)
  l2tpv3                                   L2tpv3 protocol
  l3e-lite-table                           L3e lite Table
  led                                      LED on the device
  lldp                                     Link Layer Discovery Protocol
  location                                 The location
  logging                                  Modify message logging facilities
  mac-address-table                        MAC Address Table
  mac-auth                                 802.1X
  memory-profile                           Memory-profile
  mint                                     MiNT protocol
  mpact-server                             MPACT server configuration
  noc                                      Noc related configuration
  ntp                                      Configure NTP
  offline-duration                         Duration to mark adopted device as
  override-wlan                            Overrides for wlans
  power-config                             Configure power mode
  preferred-controller-group               Controller group this system will
                                           prefer for adoption
  preferred-tunnel-controller              Tunnel Controller Name this system
                                           will prefer for tunneling extended
                                           vlan traffic
  rf-domain-manager                        RF Domain Manager
  router                                   Dynamic routing
  routing-policy                           Policy Based Routing Configuration
  sensor-server                            AirDefense WIPS sensor server
  spanning-tree                            Spanning tree
  timezone                                 The timezone
  traffic-class-mapping                    IPv6 traffic-class to 802.1p
                                           priority mapping for untagged
  traffic-shape                            Traffic shaping
  trustpoint                               Assign a trustpoint to a service
  tunnel-controller                        Tunnel Controller group this
                                           controller belongs to
  use                                      Set setting to use
  vrrp                                     VRRP configuration

  service                                  Service Commands