The following table lists the RF Domain configuration mode commands:
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RF-Domain Config Mode Commands 

Command Description
alias Creates various types of aliases, such as network, VLAN, network-group, network-service, encrypted-string, hashed-string, etc. at the RF Domain level
channel-list Configures the channel list advertised by radios
contact Configures network administrator's contact information (needed in case of any problems impacting the RF Domain)
control-vlan Configures VLAN for traffic control on a RF Domain
controller-managed Configures the adopting controller or service platform as this RF Domain‘s manager
country-code Configures the country of operation
geo-coordinates Configures the longitude and latitude of the RF Domain in order to fix its exact geographical location on a map
layout Configures layout information
location Configures the physical location of an RF Domain
location-server Configures an ExtremeLocation server on the selected RF Domain. This command is supported only on the NX 95XX and NX 96XX series service platforms.
location-tenantid Configures the ExtremeLocation Tenant‘s account number
mac-name Maps MAC addresses to names
override-smart-rf Configures RF Domain level overrides for Smart RF
override-wlan Configures RF Domain level overrides for a WLAN
sensor-server Configures an AirDefense sensor server on this RF Domain
stats Configures stats related settings on this RF Domain. These settings define how RF Domain statistics are updated.
timezone Configures a RF Domain's geographic time zone
tree-node Configures the hierarchical (tree-node) structure under which this RF Domain appears
use (rf-domain-config-mode) Enables the use of a specified Smart RF and/or WIPS policy with this RF Domain
no (rf-domain-config-mode) Negates a command or reverts configured settings to their default