Configures the size of the key associated with a certificate request

Supported in the following platforms:

  • Access Points — AP505i, AP510i/e, AP560i/h
  • Service Platforms — NX5500, NX7500, NX9500, NX9600, VX9000


cert-key-size [2048|3072|4096]


cert-key-size [2048|3072|4096]
cert-key-size [2048|3072|4096] Configures the certificate request key size. The options are:
  • 2048 – Sets the key size to 2048 bits. This is the default setting.
  • 3072 – Sets the key size to 3072 bits
  • 4096 – Sets the key size to 4096 bits


nx9500-6C8809(config-cmp-policy-test)#cert-key-size 3072
nx9500-6C8809(config-cmp-policy-test)#show context
crypto-cmp-policy test
 cert-key-size 3072
 ca-server primary host port 8 path cmp

Related Commands

no Reverts the certificate request key size to default (2048 bits)