Configures the external NSight server's IP address or hostname


Starting with WiNG 5.9.4 NSight server cannot be configured on the VX9000, NX9500, or NX9600 platforms. Extreme NSight is a separate target that can only be deployed on an external VM appliance.


For more information on Extreme NSight™, please refer to the Extreme NSight™ User Guide, available at

Supported in the following platforms:

  • Service Platforms — NX7500, NX9500, NX9600, VX900


server host [<IP>|<HOSTNAME>|<X:X::X:X>] {http|https}


server host [<IP>|<HOSTNAME>|<X:X::X:X>] {http|https}
server host [<IP>| <HOSTNAME>| <X:X::X:X>] Configures the NSight server's IP address or hostname. Use one of the following options to identify the NSight server:
  • <IP> – Configures the NSight server‘s IPv4 address
  • <HOSTNAME> – Configures the NSight server‘s hostname
  • <X:X::X:X> – Configures the NSight server‘s IPv6 address
Note: When this NSight policy is applied to an RF Domain, the RF Domain manager posts statistics (polled from devices within the RF Domain) to the external Extreme NSight server host specified here.
{http|https} Optional. Configures the protocol used to communicate with the NSight server
  • http – Optional. Uses HTTP to communicate
  • https – Optional. Uses HTTPS to communicate (this is the default setting)


nx9510-6C8A5C(config-nsight-policy-test2)#server host http
nx9510-6C8A5C(config-nsight-policy-test2)#show context
nsight-policy test2
 server host http 

Related Commands

no (nsight-policy-config-commands) Removes NSight server's IP address or hostname configuration from this NSight policy