This section documents the WLAN configuration mode commands in detail.
Use the (config) instance to configure WLAN related parameters. To navigate to this instance, use the following command:
<DEVICE>(config)#wlan <WLAN-NAME>
The following table lists the WLAN configuration mode commands:
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WLAN Config Mode Commands 

Command Description


Configures the IEEE 802.11v standard parameters on this WLAN

accounting (wlan-config-mode) Defines a WLAN's accounting settings
acl Defines the actions based on an ACL rule configuration
answer-broadcast-probes Allows a WLAN to respond to probes for broadcast ESS
assoc-response Configures a minimum receive signal strength indication (RSSI) value, below which the WLAN does not send a response to a client‘s association request
association-list Attaches an existing global association list to a WLAN
authentication-type Sets a WLAN's authentication type
bridging-mode Configures how packets are bridged to/from this WLAN
broadcast-dhcp Configures broadcast DHCP packet handling
broadcast-ssid Advertises a WLAN's SSID in beacons
captive-portal-enforcement Configures a WLAN's captive portal enforcement
client-access Enables WLAN client access (normal data operations)
client-client-communication Allows the switching of frames from one wireless client to another on a WLAN
client-load-balancing Enables load balancing of WLAN clients
controller-assisted-mobility Enables controller assisted mobility to determine wireless clients' VLAN assignment
data-rates Specifies the 802.11 rates supported on the WLAN
description Sets a WLAN's description
downstream-group-addressed-forwarding Enables forwarding of downstream packets addressed to a group
dpi Enables extraction of metadata flows on the WLAN
dynamic-vlan-assignment Configures dynamic VLAN assignment on this WLAN
eap-types Configures client access based on eap-type used for authentication
encryption-type Sets the WLAN's encryption type
enforce-dhcp Drops packets from clients with a static IP address
fast-bss-transition Configures support for 802.11r fast BSS transition on a WLAN
http-analyze Enables HTTP URL analysis on the WLAN
ip (wlan-config-mode) Configures IPv4 settings on this WLAN
ipv6 (wlan-config-mode) Configures IPv6 settings on this WLAN
kerberos Configures Kerberos authentication parameters
mac-authentication Configures MAC authentication parameters
nsight Enables retention of guest client history in the NSight database
opendns Configures the device ID, which is embedded in each DNS query packet going out from an access point, wireless controller, or service platform to the OpenDNS server
protected-mgmt-frames Enables and configures the WLAN's frame protection mode and security association
proxy-arp-mode Enables the proxy ARP mode for ARP requests
proxy-nd-mode Configures the proxy ND mode for this WLAN member clients as either strict or dynamic
qos-map Enables support for 802.11u QoS map element and frames
radio-resource-measurement Enables support for 802.11k radio resource measurement
radius Configures RADIUS parameters
registration Configures settings enabling dynamic registration of devices. Use this command to specify the mode of registration and to configure corresponding parameters.
relay-agent Enables support for DHCP relay agent information (option 82) feature on this WLAN
service (wlan-config-context) Invokes service commands applicable in the WLAN configuration mode
shutdown Shuts down a WLAN
ssid Configures the WLAN's SSID
t5-client-isolation Disallows clients connecting to the WLAN to communicate with one another
t5-security Configures T5 PowerBroadband security settings
time-based-access Configures time-based client access
use (wlan-config-mode) Defines WLAN mode configuration settings
vlan Assigns a VLAN for the WLAN
vlan-pool-member Adds a member VLAN to the pool of VLANs for a WLAN
wep128 Configures WEP128 parameters
wep64 Configures WEP64 parameters
wing-extensions Enables support for WiNG specific extensions to 802.11
wireless-client Configures the transmit power for wireless clients transmission
wpa-wpa2 Modifies TKIP and CCMP (WPA/WPA2) related parameters
no (wlan-config-mode) Negates a command or reverts settings to their default