Configures the ExtremeLocation server‘s hostname. When configured, the WiNG controller stages the Tenant‘s site hierarchy information to the specified server.

Supported in the following platforms:

  • Access Points —AP-7522, AP 7532, AP 7562, AP 7602, AP-7612, AP 7622, AP-8432, AP-8533
  • Wireless Controllers — RFS 4000
  • Service Platforms — NX 5500, NX 75XX, NX 95XX, NX 95XX, VX 9000


server-host 1 ip <HOSTNAME> {port <1-65535>}


server-host 1 ip <HOSTNAME> {port <1-65535>}
server-host 1 ip <HOSTNAME> Identifies the ExtremeLocation server by its hostname
  • <HOSTNAME> – Enter ExtremeLocation server‘s hostname.
    Note: Enter the server‘s hostname and not the IP address, as the IP address is likely to change periodically in order to balance load across multiple Location server instances.
{port <1-65535>} optional. Configures the port on which the ExtremeLocation server is reachable
  • <1-63335> – Selects a port from 1 - 65535 for the ExtremeLocation server.
    Note: By default the ExtremeLocation server is reachable on port 443.


nx9500-6C8809(config-location-policy-ELocPolicy)#server-host 1 ip
nx9500-6C8809(config-location-policy-ELocPolicy)#show context
location-policy ELocPolicy
 server-host 1 ip port 443
 location-key dGVzdEAxMjM0NQo

Related Commands

no (location-policy-config-commands) Removes ExtremeLocation server's hostname from the policy