Configures the database‘s user account details (username and password)

Supported in the following platforms:

  • Service Platforms — NX9500, NX9600, VX9000


authentication username <USER-NAME> password <PASSWORD>


authentication username <USER-NAME> password <PASSWORD>
authentication username <USER-NAME> password <PASSWORD> Configures the username and password required to access the database. Note, username and password specified here should be the same as those already created on the database host. For more information on creating database users, see service (common commands).
  • username <USER-NAME> – Configures the user name
    • password <PASSWORD> – Configures the password for the username specified above.

However, ensure database authentication is enabled in the database-policy.

Note: For more information on database-policy, see database-policy global config.
Note: For more information on enabling database authentication, see Example: Enabling Database Authentication.


vx9000-65672(config-database-client-policy-DBClientPolicy)# authentication username extreme password 2 test@12345
vx9000-656725#show running-config database-client-policy replica-set
database-client-policy replica-set
 authentication username extreme password 2 q4cUyedmA4BFsn1kg/xjCQAAAAliMbdrXKblQbsyrwMGdVzv

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no Removes an existing database username and password