Use the no command to revert to turn off an enabled feature or to revert a setting to default value.

The no commands have their own set of parameters that can be reset. These parameters depend on the context in which the command is being used.

Supported in the following platforms:

  • Access Points — AP505i, AP510i/e, AP560i/h
  • Service Platforms — NX5500, NX7500, NX9500, NX9600, VX9000


no [adoption|captive-portal|cpe|crypto|debug|logging|page|raid|service|terminal|
no adoption {on <DEVICE-OR-DOMAIN-NAME>}


The no > adoption command resets the adoption state of a specified device (and all devices adopted to it) or devices within a specified RF Domain. When executed without specifying the device or RF Domain, the command resets the adoption state of the logged device and all devices, if any, adopted to it.
no captive-portal client [captive-portal <CAPTIVE-PORTAL-NAME>|mac <MAC>] 
no crypto pki [server|trustpoint]
no crypto pki [server|trustpoint] <TRUSTPOINT-NAME> {del-key {on <DEVICE-NAME>}|
no logging monitor
no page
no service [block-adopter-config-update|locator|snmp|ssm|wireless]
no service block-adopter-config-update
no service locator {on <DEVICE-NAME>}
no service snmp sysoid wing5
no service ssm trace pattern {<WORD>} {(on <DEVICE-NAME>)}
no service wireless [trace pattern {<WORD>} {(on <DEVICE-NAME>)}|
unsanctioned ap air-terminate <BSSID> {on <DOMAIN-NAME>}]
no terminal [length|width]
no upgrade <PATCH-NAME> {on <DEVICE-NAME>}
no wireless client [all|<MAC>]
no wireless client all {filter|on}
no wireless client all {filter [wlan <WLAN-NAME>]}
no wireless client all {on <DEVICE-OR-DOMAIN-NAME>} {filter [wlan <WLAN-NAME>]} 
no wireless client mac <MAC> {on <DEVICE-OR-DOMAIN-NAME>}

The following command is available only on the NX9500 and NX9600 series service platforms:

no cpe led cpe [<1-24>|all] {on <T5-DEVICE-NAME>}
no virtual-machine assign-usb-ports {on <DEVICE-NAME>}
no raid locate


no <PARAMETERS> Resets or reverts settings based on the parameters passed �

Usage Guidelines

The no command negates any command associated with it. Wherever required, use the same parameters associated with the command getting negated.


NOC-NX9500#no adoption on ?
  DEVICE-OR-DOMAIN-NAME  AP/Controller/RF-Domain name

NOC-NX9500#no page
NOC-NX9500#no upgrade ?
  WORD  Name of the patch to remove