The following table summarizes the show commands:
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Show Commands

Command Description
show Displays settings for the specified system component
adoption Displays adoption related information
bluetooth Displays Bluetooth radio statistics for RF Domain member access points
boot Displays a device's boot configuration
bonjour Displays the configured Bonjour services available on local and remote sites
captive-portal Displays WLAN hotspot functions
captive-portal-page-upload (show commands) Displays captive portal Web pages upload related information
cdp Displays a CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) neighbor table
classify-url Queries a specified global data center or a pre-configured classification server for the category of a specified URL.
clock Displays the system clock
cluster Displays device-cluster related statistics
cmp-factory-certs Displays factory installed CMP certificates
commands Displays command list
context Displays information about the current context
critical-resources Displays critical resources deployed within the managed network and associated statistics
crypto Displays encryption mode information
database Displays database-related statistics and status
device-upgrade Displays device firmware upgradation information for devices adopted by a wireless controller or access point
dot1x Displays dot1x information on interfaces
dpi Displays statistics for all configured and canned applications
environmental-sensor Displays environmental sensor‘s historical data (applicable only to AP 8132)
event-history Displays event history
event-system-policy Displays event system policy configuration information
ex3500 Displays EX3500-related statistical data
extdev Displays external device (T5 or EX3500) configuration error history
fabric-attach Displays the current status of VLAN to I-SID assignments for all ports
file Displays file system information
file-sync Displays file synchronization settings and status on a controller. The file-sync command syncs trustpoint/wireless-bridge certificate between the staging-controller and its adopted access points
firewall Displays wireless firewall information
global Displays global information for network devices based on the parameters passed
gps (show command) Displays the geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the device for which the GPS coordinates search process has been triggered
gre Displays GRE tunnel related information
guest-registration Displays guest registration statistics based on the option and time entered
interface Displays interface status
iot-device-type-imagotag Displays the configuration of ESL communicator on a specified AP or on all APs within an RF Domain.
ip DisplaysIP related information
ip-access-list-stats Displays IP access list statistics
ipv6 Displays IPv6 related information
ipv6-access-list Displays IPv6 access list statistics
l2tpv3 Displays L2TPv3 (Layer 2 Tunnel Protocol Version 3) information
lacp Displays LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol) related information
ldap-agent Displays an LDAP agent‘s join status (join status to a LDAP server domain)
licenses Displays installed licenses and usage information
lldp Displays LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) information
logging Displays logging information
mac-access-list-stats Displays MAC access list statistics
mac-address-table Displays MAC address table entries
macauth Displays details of wired ports that have MAC address-based authentication enabled
mac-auth-clients Displays MAC-authenticated clients based on the parameters passed
mint Displays MiNT protocol configuration commands
ntp Displays NTP server related information
password-encryption Displays password encryption status
pppoe-client Displays PPPoE (Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet) client information
privilege Displays current privilege level information
radius Displays the amount of access time consumed and the access time remaining for all guest users configured on a RADIUS server
reload Displays scheduled reload information
rf-domain-manager Displays RF Domain manager selection details
role Displays role-based firewall information
route-maps Display route map statistics
rtls Displays RTLS (Real Time Location Service) statistics of access points
running-config Displays configuration file contents
session-changes Displays configuration changes made in the current session
session-config Displays configurations made in the current session
sessions Displays a list of currently active open sessions on the device
site-config-diff Displays the difference between site configuration available on NOC and the actual site configuration
smart-rf Displays Smart RF management statistics

snmpv3 (show command)

Displays the SNMPv3 Engine ID

spanning-tree Displays spanning tree information
startup-config Displays complete startup configuration script on the console
t5 Displays adopted T5 controller details. This command is applicable only on the RFS 4000, NX 95XX, NX 96XX, and VX 9000.
terminal Displays terminal configuration parameters
timezone Displays timezone information for the system and managed devices
traffic-shape Displays traffic-shaping related configuration details and statistics

tron (show command)

Displays the TRON-capable and TRON-enabled WiNG AP‘s operating configuration.

upgrade-status Displays image upgrade status
version Displays a device's software and hardware version
vrrp Displays VRRP details
virtual-machine Displays the VM (virtual-machine) configuration, logs, and statistics
web-filter Displays pre-configured, in-built Web filter options available. These options are: category (URL category), category-types, filter-level, etc. This command also displays Web filter statistics and status.
what Displays details of a specified search phrase
wireless Displays wireless configuration parameters
wwan Displays the wireless WAN status


The input parameter <HOSTNAME>, wherever used in syntaxes across this chapter, cannot include an underscore (_) character. In other words, the name of a device cannot contain an underscore.