Global Configuration Commands

This chapter summarizes the global-configuration commands in the CLI command structure.

The term global indicates characteristics or features effecting the system as a whole. Use the Global Configuration Mode to configure the system globally, or enter specific configuration modes to configure specific elements (such as interfaces or protocols). Use the configure terminal command (under PRIV EXEC) to enter the global configuration mode.

The following example describes the process of entering the global configuration mode from the privileged EXEC mode:

<DEVICE>#configure terminal


The system prompt changes to indicate you are now in the global configuration mode. The prompt consists of the device host name followed by (config) and a pound sign (#).

Commands entered in the global configuration mode update the running configuration file as soon as they are entered. However, these changes are not saved in the startup configuration file until a commit → write → memory command is issued.

Global configuration commands:
  aaa-policy                          Configure a
  aaa-tacacs-policy                   Configure an
                                      TACACS policy
  alias                               Alias
  ap505                               AP505 access point
  ap510                               AP510 access point  
  ap560                               AP560 access point
  ap621                               AP621 access point
  ap622                               AP622 access point
  ap650                               AP650 access point
  ap6511                              AP6511 access point
  ap6521                              AP6521 access point
  ap6522                              AP6522 access point
  ap6532                              AP6532 access point
  ap6562                              AP6562 access point
  ap71xx                              AP71XX access point
  ap7502                              AP7502 access point
  ap7522                              AP7522 access point
  ap7532                              AP7532 access point
  ap7562                              AP7562 access point
  ap7602                              AP7602 access point
  ap7612                              AP7612 access point
  ap7622                              AP7622 access point
  ap7632                              AP7632 access point
  ap7662                              AP7662 access point
  ap81xx                              AP81XX access point
  ap82xx                              AP82XX access point
  ap8432                              AP8432 access point
  ap8533                              AP8533 access point
  application                         Configure an application
  application-group                   Configure an application-group
  application-policy                  Configure an application policy
  association-acl-policy              Configure an association acl policy
  auto-provisioning-policy            Configure an auto-provisioning policy
  bgp                                 BGP Configuration
  ble-data-export-policy              Configure a ble data export  policy
  bonjour-gw-discovery-policy         Bonjour Gateway discovery policy
  bonjour-gw-forwarding-policy        Bonjour Gateway forwarding policy
  bonjour-gw-query-forwarding-policy  Bonjour Gateway Query forwarding policy
  captive-portal                      Configure a captive portal
  clear                               Clear
  client-identity                     Client identity (DHCP Device
  client-identity-group               Client identity group (DHCP Fingerprint
  clone                               Clone configuration object
  crypto-cmp-policy                   CMP policy
  customize                           Customize the output of summary cli
  database-client-policy              Configure database client policy
  database-policy                     Configure database policy
  device                              Configuration on multiple devices
  device-categorization               Configure a device categorization object
  dhcp-server-policy                  DHCP server policy
  dhcpv6-server-policy                DHCPv6 server related configuration
  dns-whitelist                       Configure a whitelist
  event-system-policy                 Configure a event system policy
  ex3500                              Ex3500 device
  ex3500-management-policy            Configure a ex3500 management policy
  ex3500-qos-class-map-policy         Configure a ex3500 qos class-map policy
  ex3500-qos-policy-map               Configure a ex3500 qos policy-map
  ex3524                              EX3524 wireless controller
  ex3548                              EX3548 wireless controller
  firewall-policy                     Configure firewall policy
  global-association-list             Configure a global association list
  guest-management                    Configure a guest management policy
  help                                Description of the interactive help
  host                                Enter the configuration context of a
                                      device by specifying its hostname
  igmp-snoop-policy                   Create igmp snoop policy
  inline-password-encryption          Store encryption key in the startup
                                      configuration file
  iot-device-type-imagotag-policy     Configure a iot imagotag device type
  ip                                  Internet Protocol (IP)
  ipv6                                Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)
  ipv6-router-advertisement-policy    IPv6 Router Advertisement related
  l2tpv3                              L2tpv3 tunnel protocol
  mac                                 MAC configuration
  location-policy                     Configure a location policy used for
  management-policy                   Configure a management policy
  meshpoint                           Create a new MESHPOINT or enter
                                      MESHPOINT configuration context for one
                                      or more MESHPOINTs
  meshpoint-qos-policy                Configure a meshpoint quality-of-service
  mint-policy                         Configure the global mint policy
  nac-list                            Configure a network access control list
  no                                  Negate a command or set its defaults
  nsight-policy                       Configure a Nsight policy
  nx45xx                              NX45XX integrated services platform
  nx5500                              NX5500 wireless controller
  nx65xx                              NX65XX integrated services platform
  nx75xx                              NX75XX wireless controller
  nx9000                              NX9000 wireless controller
  passpoint-policy                    Configure a passpoint policy
  password-encryption                 Encrypt passwords in configuration
  profile                             Profile related commands - if no
                                      parameters are given, all profiles are
  purview-application-group           Configure a Purview application-grou
  purview-application-policy          Configure a Purview application policy
  radio-qos-policy                    Configure a radio quality-of-service
  radius-group                        Configure radius user group parameters
  radius-server-policy                Create device onboard radius policy
  radius-user-pool-policy             Configure Radius User Pool
  rename                              Clone configuration object
  replace                             Replace configuration object
  rf-domain                           Create a RF Domain or enter rf-domain
                                      context for one or more rf-domains
  rfs4000                             RFS4000 wireless controller
  rfs6000                             RFS6000 wireless controller
  rfs7000                             RFS7000 wireless controller
  roaming-assist-policy               Configure a roaming-assist policy
  role-policy                         Role based firewall policy
  route-map                           Dynamic routing route map Configuration
  routing-policy                      Policy Based Routing Configuration
  rtl-server-policy                   Configure a rtl server policy
  schedule-policy                     Configure a schedule policy
  self                                Config context of the device currently
                                      logged into
  sensor-policy                       Configure a sensor policy
  smart-rf-policy                     Configure a Smart-RF policy
  t5                                  T5 DSL switch
  url-filter                          Configure a url filter
  url-list                            Configure a URL list
  vx9000                              VX9000 wireless controller
  web-filter-policy                   Configure a web filter policy
  wips-policy                         Configure a wips policy
  wlan                                Create a new WLAN or enter WLAN
                                      configuration context for one or more
  wlan-qos-policy                     Configure a wlan quality-of-service
  write                               Write running configuration to memory or

  clrscr                              Clears the display screen
  commit                              Commit all changes made in this session
  do                                  Run commands from Exec mode
  end                                 End current mode and change to EXEC mode
  exit                                End current mode and down to previous
  revert                              Revert changes
  service                             Service Commands
  show                                Show running system information