Configures the hierarchical (tree-node) structure under which this RF Domain is located

Supported in the following platforms:

  • Access Points — AP505i, AP510i/e, AP560i/h
  • Service Platforms — NX5500, NX7500, NX9500, NX9600, VX9000


tree-node [campus|city|country|region] {(campus|city|country|region)}


tree-node [campus|city|country|region] {(campus|city|country|region)}
tree-node Configures the hierarchical tree structure defining the RF Domain‘s location. The tree node hierarchy can be configured in any order, but will always appear as: country > region > city > campus. Further, a higher node, such as country, cannot be defined under a lower node, such as region. An RF Domain can be placed under any one of the tree nodes. But, an RF Domain at the country level may have all four nodes defined. Whereas, an RF Domain restricted to a campus, cannot have the country, city, and region nodes.

At least one of these four nodes must be defined. This feature is disabled by default.

campus Configures the campus name for this RF Domain
  • campus-description - Provide a brief decription of the campus.
city Configures the city for this RF Domain
  • city-description - Provide a brief description of the city.
country Configures the country for this RF Domain
region Configures the region for this RF Domain

Usage Guidelines

The following points need to be taken into consideration when creating the tree-node structure:
  • Adding a country first is a good idea since region, city, and campus can all be added as sub-nodes in the tree structure. However, the selected country is an invalid tree node until a RF Domain is mapped.

  • A city and campus can be added in the tree structure as sub-nodes under a region. An RF Domain can be mapped anywhere down the hierarchy for a region and not just directly under a country. For example, a region can have city, campus, and one RF Domain mapped.

  • Only a campus can be added as a sub-node under a city. The city is an invalid tree node until a RF Domain is mapped somewhere within the directory tree.

  • A campus is the last node in the hierarchy before a RF Domain, and it is not valid unless it has a RF Domain mapped.

  • After creating the tree structure do a commit and save for the tree configuration to take effect and persist across reboots.


ap505-13403B(config-rf-domain-default)#tree-node campus SanJoseUniversity 
city SanJose country us
ap505-13403B(config-rf-domain-default)#show context
rf-domain default
 country-code us
 tree-node country us city SanJose campus SanJoseUniversity

Related Commands

no (rf-domain-config-mode) Removes the RF Domain‘s tree-node configuration