Creating a AP 7602Profile

An AP 7602‘s firmware is updated directly by its associated wireless controller. The process is automatic, and no intervention is required.

Folow the steps below to configure an AP 7602 profile:

  1. In the wireless controller's global config mode, create a AP 7602 profile.
    rfs4000(config)#profile ap7602 AP7602_UseCase1
  2. Assign the profile to the VLAN defined in Creating a Wireless Controller Profile. In this section, the VLAN was defined as VLAN 2. When applied to the AP 7602 access point, this profile will configure the AP to be a member of VLAN 2.
    rfs4000(config-profile-AP7602_UseCase1)#interface vlan 2
  3. Configure this VLAN to use DHCP. Enabling DHCP on the VLAN ensures that devices associating using this access point are automatically assigned a unique IP address. Once completed, exit this context.
    rfs4000(config-profile-AP7602_UseCase1-if-vlan2)#ip address dhcp
  4. Map the VLAN to a physical interface on the profile. In this example, VLAN 2 is mapped the GE1 interface. When applied to the AP 7602 access point, this profile will map VLAN 2 to the AP's GE1 port.
    rfs4000(config-profile-AP7602_UseCase1)#interface ge 1
    rfs4000(config-profile-AP7602_UseCase1-if-ge1)#switchport access vlan 2
  5. Map the WLAN to a radio on the access point. An AP 7602 has 2 radios, in this scenario, both radios are mapped to WLAN '1' created earlier.
    rfs4000(config-profile-AP7602_UseCase1)#interface radio 1
    rfs4000(config-profile-AP7602_UseCase1-if-radio1)#wlan 1
    rfs4000(config-profile-AP7602_UseCase1)#interface radio 2
    rfs4000(config-profile-AP7602_UseCase1-if-radio2)#wlan 1
  6. Commit the changes and exit.
    rfs4000(config-profile-AP7602_UseCase1)#commit write memory
  7. Apply this profile to the discovered AP 7602.
    1. Use the discovered AP 7602's MAC address to access the AP's configuration context, as shown here.
      rfs4000(config)#ap7602 00-A0-F8-00-00-01
    2. Assign the profile to this AP 7602access point.
      rfs4000(config-device-00-A0-F8-00-00-01)#use profile AP7602_UseCase1
      rfs4000(config-device-00-A0-F8-00-00-01)#commit write
    3. Apply the RF Domain profile to the AP.

      Apply the previously created RF Domainto enable a country code to be assigned to the discovered access point. A discovered access point only works properly if its country code is the country code of its associated wireless controller.

      rfs4000(config-device-00-A0-F8-00-00-01)#use rf-domain RFDOMAIN_UseCase1
      rfs4000(config-device-00-A0-F8-00-00-01)#commit write