Configures an event and sets the action performed when the event happens

Supported in the following platforms:

  • Access Points — AP505i, AP510i/e, AP560i/h
  • Service Platforms — NX5500, NX7500, NX9500, NX9600, VX9000


event <EVENT-TYPE> <EVENT-NAME> (email,forward-to-switch,snmp,syslog) [default|on|off]

The even types are:

nx9500-6C8809(config-event-system-policy-testpolicy)#event ?
  aaa             AAA/Radius module
  adapt           Adaptivity Module 
  adopt-service   Adoption Service
  adv-wips        Adv-wips module 
  ap              Access Point module
  bonjgw          Bonjgw module
  bt              Bluetooth
  captive-portal  Captive Portal
  cdp             Cisco Discovery Protocol
  certmgr         Certificate Manager (Not valid for NCAP/MCN)  
  cfgd            Cfgd module
  cluster         Cluster module
  crm             Critical Resource Monitoring
  database        Database Services
  device          Device module
  dhcpsvr         DHCP Configuration Daemon
  diag            Diag module
  dot11           802.11 management module
  dot1x           802.1X Authenticationn
  fa              Fabric Attach
  fwu             Firmware update module
  isdn            Isdn module
  l2gre           Layer 2 GRE Tunnel
  l2tpv3          Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol Version 3
  licmgr          License module
  lldp            Link Layer Discovery Protocol
  mesh            Mesh module
  mgmt            Management Services
  nsm             Network Services Module
  pm              Process-monitor module
  radconf         Radius Configuration Daemon
  rasst           Roaming-Assist module
  radio           Radio module
  smrt            Smart-rf module
  smtpnot         Smtpnot module
  system          System module
  test            Test module
  tron            TRON Feature
  vrrp            Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
  webf            Webf module
  wips            Wireless IPS module



The parameter values for <EVENT-TYPE> and <EVENT-NAME> are summarized in the table under the Parameters section.


event <EVENT-TYPE> <EVENT-NAME> (email,forward-to-switch,snmp,syslog) [default|on|off]
<event-type> <event-name>
aaa Enables and configures logging of the following authentication, authorization, and accounting related events:
  • radius-discon-msg – RADIUS disconnection message
  • radius-session-expired – RADIUS session expired message
  • radius-session-not-started – RADIUS session not started message
  • radius-vlan-update – RADIUS VLAN update message
adapt Enables and configures logging of the following adaptivity module related events:
  • adaptivity-change – Event adaptivity change
  • adaptivity-rehome – Event adaptivity rehome
adopt-services Enables and configures the logging of adopted services related events
adv-wips Enables and configures the logging of advanced WIPS related events
ap Enables and configures logging of the following AP related events:
  • adopted – Event AP adopted
  • adopted-to-controller – Event AP adopted to wireless controller
  • ap-adopted – Event access port adopted
  • ap-autoup-done – Event AP autoup done
  • ap-autoup-fail – Event AP autoup fail
  • ap-autoup-needed – Event AP autoup needed
  • ap-autoup-no-need – Event AP autoup not needed
  • ap-autoup-reboot – Event AP autoup reboot
  • ap-autoup-timeout – Event AP autoup timeout
  • ap-autoup-ver – Event AP autoup version
  • ap-reset-detected – Event access port reset detected
  • ap-reset-request – Event access port user requested reset
  • ap-timeout – Event access port timed out
  • ap-unadopted – Event access port unadopted
  • image-parse-failure – Event image parse failure
  • legacy-auto-update – Event legacy auto update
  • no-image-file – Event no image file
  • offline – Event AP detected as offline
  • online – Event offline AP detected as online
  • reset – Event reset
  • sw-conn-lost – Event software connection lost
  • unadopted – Event unadopted
bt Enables and configures logging of the following bluetooth related events:
  • bt-started – Event bluetooth (bt) started
  • bt-state-change – Event bt state change
  • bt-tron-license - Logs a TRON license exists event

  • bt-tron-no-license - Logs a TRON license missing event

captive-portal Enables and configures logging of the following captive portal (hotspot) related events:
  • allow-access – Event client allowed access
  • auth-failed – Event client authentication failed
  • auth-success – Event client authentication success
  • client-disconnect – Event client disconnected
  • client-removed – Event client removed
  • data-limit-exceed – Event client data limit exceeded
  • flex-log-access – Event flexible log access granted to client
  • inactivity-timeout – Event client time-out due to inactivity
  • page-cre-failed – Event page creation failure
  • purge-client – Event client purged
  • session-timeout – Event session timeout
  • vlan-switch – Event client switched VLAN
cdp Enables and configures logging of the following CISCO Discovery Protocol (CDP) related event:
  • duplex-mismatch – Event duplex mismatch detected between CDP neighbors
certmgr Enables and configures logging of the following certificate manager related events:
  • ca-cert-actions-failure – Event CA certificate actions failure
  • ca-cert-actions-success – Event CA certificate actions success
  • ca-key-actions-failure – Event CA key actions failure
  • ca-key-actions-success – Event CA key actions success
  • cert-expiry – Event certificate expiry
  • crl-actions-failure – Event Certificate Revocation List (CRL ) actions failure
  • crl-actions-success – Event CRL actions success
  • csr-export-failure – Event CSR export failure
  • csr-export-success – Event CSR export success
  • delete-trustpoint-action – Event delete trustpoint action
  • export-trustpoint – Event trustpoint exported
  • import-trustpoint – Event trustpoint imported
  • rsa-key-actions-failure – Event RSA key actions failure
  • rsa-key-actions-success – Event RSA key actions success
  • svr-cert-actions-success – Event server certificate actions success
  • svr-cert-actions-failure – Event server certificate actions failure
certmgr-lite Enables and configures logging of certificate manager (lite version) related event messages
cfgd Enables and configures logging of the following configuration daemon module related events:
  • acl-attached-altered – Event Access List (ACL) attached altered
  • acl-rule-altered – Event ACL rule altered
cluster Enables and configures logging of the following cluster module related events:
  • cmaster-cfg-update-fail – Event cluster master config update failed
  • max-exceeded – Event maximum cluster count exceeded
  • state-change – Event cluster state change (active/inactive)
  • state-change-active – Event cluster state change to active
  • state-change-inactive – Event cluster state change to inactive
  • state-retain-active – Event cluster state retained as active
crm Enables and configures logging of the following Critical Resource Monitoring (CRM) related event
  • critical-resource-down – Event critical resource goes down
  • critical-resource-up – Event critical resource comes up
device Enables and configures the logging of device module related events
database Enables and configures logging of the following error conditions in the captive-portal/NSIght database:
  • database-election-fail – Event primary database node selection failure. Requires manual intervention to select primary database node.
  • database-exception – Event database may need to be dropped and device restarted
  • database-low-disk-space – Event database low disk space
  • database-new-state – Event database state change
  • database-op-failure – Event database failure
  • database-set-name-mismatch – Event replica-set not enabled on host
  • database-storage-mismatch – Event database mismatch. All database files must be removed.
  • operation-complete – Event database operation completed successfully
  • operation-failed – Event database operation failure
dhcpsvr Enables and configures logging of the following DHCP server related events:
  • dhcp-start – Event DHCP server started
  • dhcpsvr-stop – Event DHCP sever stopped
  • relay-iface-no-ip – Event no IP address on DHCP relay interface
  • relay-no-iface – Event no interface for DHCP relay
  • relay-start – Event relay agent started
  • relay-stop – Event DHCP relay agent stopped
diag Enables and configures logging of the following diagnostics module related events:
  • autogen-tech-sprt – Event autogen technical support
  • buf-usage – Event buffer usage
  • cpu-load – Event CPU load
  • cpu-usage-too-high – Event CPU usage high
  • cpu-usage-too-high-recovery – Event recovery from high CPU usage
  • disk-usage – Event disk usage
  • elapsed-time – Event elapsed time
  • fan-underspeed – Event fan underspeed
  • fd-count – Event forward count
  • free-flash-disk – Event free flash disk
  • free-flash-inodes – Event free flash inodes
  • free-nvram-disk – Event free nvram disk
  • free-nvram-inodes – Event free nvram inodes
  • free-ram – Event free ram
  • free-ram-disk – Event free ram disk
  • free-ram-inodes – Event free ram inodes
  • head-cache-usage – Event head cache usage
  • high-temp – Event high temp
  • ip-dest-usage – Event ip destination usage
  • led-identify – Event led identify
  • low-temp – Event low temp
  • mem-usage-too-high – Event memory usage high
  • mem-usage-too-high-recovery – Event recovery from high memory usage
  • new-led-state – Event new led state
  • over-temp – Event over temp
  • over-voltage – Event over voltage
  • poe-init-fail – Event PoE init fail
  • poe-power-level – Event PoE power level
  • poe-read-fail – Event PoE read fail
  • poe-state-change – Event PoE state change
  • poe-state-change – Event PoE state change
  • pwrsply-fail – Event failure of power supply
  • raid-degraded – Event Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) degraded
  • raid-error – Event RAID error
  • ram-usage – Event ram usage
  • under-voltage – Event under voltage
  • wd-reset-sys – Event wd reset system
  • wd-state-change – Event wd state change
dot11 Enables and configures logging of the following 802.11 management module related events:
  • client-assoc-ignored – Wireless client association ignored event
  • client-associated – Wireless client associated event
  • client-denied-assoc – Event client denied association
  • client-disassociated – Wireless client disassociated
  • country-code – Event country code applied
  • country-code-error – Event country code error
  • eap-cached-keys – Event Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) cached keys
  • eap-client-timeout – Event EAP client timeout
  • eap-failed – Event EAP failed
  • eap-opp-cached-keys – Event EAP opp cached keys
  • eap-preauth-client-timeout – Event EAP pre authentication client timeout
  • eap-preauth-failed – Event EAP pre authentication failed
  • eap-preauth-server-timeout – Event EAP pre authentication server timeout
  • eap-preauth-success – Event EAP pre authentication success
  • eap-server-timeout – Event EAP server timeout
  • eap-success – Event EAP success
  • ft-roam-success – Event client fast BSS transition
  • gal-rx-request – Event GAL request received event
  • gal-tx-response – Event response sent to GAL request
  • gal-validate-failed – Event GAL validation failed
  • gal-validate-req – Event GAL validation request
  • gal-validate-success – Event GAL validation success
  • kerberos-client-success – Event client Kerberos authentication success
  • kerberos-wlan-failed – Event WLAN Kerberos authentication failed
  • kerberos-wlan-success – Event WLAN Kerberos authentication success
  • kerberos-wlan-timeout – Event Kerberos authentication timed out
  • move-operation-success – Event move operation success
  • tkip-cntrmeas-end – Event TKIP countermeasures ended
  • tkip-cntrmeas-start – Event TKIP countermeasures initiated
  • tkip-mic-fail-report – Event TKIP MIC failure report
  • tkip-mic-failure – Event TKIP MIC check failed
  • neighbor-denied-assoc – Event neighbor denied association
  • unsanctioned-ap-active – Event unsanctioned AP active
  • unsanctioned-ap-inactive – Event unsanctioned AP inactive
  • unsanctioned-ap-status-change – Event unsanctioned AP status change
  • voice-call-completed – Event voice call completed
  • voice-call-established – Event voice call established
  • voice-call-failed – Event voice call failed
  • wlan-time-access-disable – Event WLAN disabled by time-based-access
  • wlan-time-access-enable – Event WLAN re-enabled by time-based-access
  • wpa-wpa2-failed – Event WPA-WPA2 failed
  • wpa-wpa2-key-rotn – Event WPA-WPA2 key rotn
  • wpa-wpa2-success – Event WPA-WPA2 success
dot1x Enables and configures logging of the following 802.1X authentication related events:
  • dot1x-failed – Event EAP authentication failure
  • dot1x-success – Event dot1x-success
fa Enables and configures logging of fabric attach related events:
  • fa-accepted – Event fa-accepted
  • fa-pending – Event fa-pending
fwu Enables and configures logging of the following firmware update (FWU) related events:
  • fwuaborted – Event fwu aborted
  • fwubadconfig – Event fwu aborted due to bad config
  • fwucorruptedfile – Event fwu aborted due to corrupted file
  • fwucouldntgetfile – Event fwu aborted because the system could not get file
  • fwudone – Event fwu done
  • fwufileundef – Event fwu aborted due to file undefined
  • fwunoneed – Event fwu no need
  • fwuprodmismatch – Event fwu aborted due to product mismatch
  • fwuserverundef – Event fwu aborted due to server undefined
  • fwuserverunreachable – Event fwu aborted due to server unreachable
  • fwusignmismatch – Event fwu aborted due to signature mismatch
  • fwusyserr – Event fwu aborted due to system error
  • fwuunsupportedhw – Event fwu aborted due to unsupported hardware
  • fwuunsupportedmodelnum – Event fwu aborted due to unsupported FIPS model number
  • fwuvermismatch – Event fwu aborted due to version mismatch
isdn Configures file Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN) module related event s
  • isdn-alert – Event ISDN alert
  • isdn-crit – Event ISDN critical
  • isdn-debug – Event ISDN debug
  • isdn-emerg – Event ISDN emergency
  • isdn-err – Event ISDN error
  • isdn-info – Event ISDN info
  • isdn-notice – Event ISDN notice
  • isdn-warning – Event ISDN warning
l2gre Enables and configures logging of the following Layer 2 GRE (L2GRE) tunnel related events:
  • l2gre-tunnel-down – Event L2GRE tunnel down
  • l2gre-tunnel-failover – Event L2GRE tunnel failover
  • l2gre-tunnel-up – Event L2GRE tunnel up
l2tpv3 Enables and configures logging of the following Layer 2 TPV3 (L2TPv3) tunnel related events:
  • l2tpv3-tunnel-down – Event L2TPv3 tunnel down
  • l2tpv3-tunnel-up – Event L2TPv3 tunnel up
licmgr Enables and configures logging of the following license manager module related events:
  • lic-installed-count – Event total number of license installed count
  • lic-installed-default – Event default license installation
  • lic-installed – Event license installed
  • lic-invalid – Event license installation failed
  • lic-removed – Event license removed
lldp Enables and configures logging of the following Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) related events:
  • lldp-loop-detected – Event layer 2 switching loop
  • lldp-loop-recovery – Event recovery from layer 2 switching loop
mgmt Enables and configures logging of the following management services module related events:
  • log-http-init – Event Web server started
  • log-http-local-start – Event Web server started in local mode
  • log-http-start – Event Web server started in external mode
  • log-https-start – Event secure Web server started
  • log-https-wait – Event waiting for Web server to start
  • log-key-deleted – Event RSA key associated with SSH is deleted
  • log-key-restored – Event RSA key associated with SSH is added
  • log-trustpoint-deleted – Event trustpoint associated with HTTPS is deleted
mesh Enables and configures logging of the following mesh module related events:
  • mesh-link-down – Event mesh link down
  • mesh-link-up – Event mesh link up
  • meshpoint-down – Event meshpoint down
  • meshpoint-loop-prevent-off – Event meshpoint loop prevent off
  • meshpoint-loop-prevent-on – Event meshpoint loop prevent on
  • meshpoint-path-change – Event meshpoint-path-change
  • meshpoint-root-change – Event meshpoint-root-change
  • meshpoint-up – Event meshpoint up
nsm Configures Network Service Module (NSM) related event
  • dhcpc-err – Event DHCP certification error
  • dhcpdefrt – Event DHCP defrt
  • dhcpip – Event DHCP IP
  • dhcpipchg – Event DHCP IP change
  • dhcpipnoadd – Event DHCP IP overlaps static IP address
  • dhcplsexp – Event DHCP lease expiry
  • dhcpnak – Event DHCP server returned DHCP NAK response
  • dhcpnodefrt – Event interface no default route
  • if-failback – Event interface failback
  • if-failover – Event interface failover
  • ifdown – Event interface down
  • ifipcfg – Event interface IP config
  • ifup – Event interface up
  • nsm-ntp – Event translate host name
pm Configures process monitor module related event s
  • procid – Event proc ID generated
  • procmaxrstrt – Event proc max restart
  • procnoresp – Event proc no response
  • procrstrt – Event proc restart
  • procstart – Event proc start
  • procstop – Event proc stop
  • procsysrstrt – Event proc system restart
  • startupcomplete – Event startup complete
radconf Enables and configures logging of the following RADIUS configuration daemon related events:
  • could-not-stop-radius – Event could not stop RADIUS server
  • radiusdstart – Event RADIUS server started
  • radiusdstop – Event RADIUS server stopped
radio Enables and configures logging of the following radio module related events:
  • acs-scan-complete – Event ACS scan completed
  • acs-scan-started – Event ACS scan started
  • cb-associated – Event client-bridge access point associates with an infrastructure access point
  • cb-roam – Event client-bridge access point roams from one infrastructure access point to another infrastructure access point
  • cb-wired-client-added – Event wired client is added to the client-bridge
  • cb-wired-client-removed – Event wired client is removed from the client-bridge
  • channel-country-mismatch – Event channel and country of operation mismatch
  • radar-det-info – Detected radar info
  • radar-detected – Event radar detected
  • radar-scan-completed – Event radar scan completed
  • radar-scan-started – Event radar scan started
  • radio-antenna-error – Event invalid antenna type on this radio
  • radio-antenna-setting – Event antenna type setting on this radio
  • radio-state-change – Event radio state change
  • resume-home-channel – Event resume home channel
rasst Enables and configures the logging of roaming assist module related events
smrt Enables and configures logging of the following SMART RF module related events:
  • calibration-done – Event calibration done
  • calibration-started – Event calibration started
  • channel-change – Event channel change
  • config-cleared – Configuration cleared event
  • cov-hole-recovery – Event coverage hole recovery
  • cov-hole-recovery-done – Event coverage hole recovery done
  • interference-recovery – Event interference recovery
  • neighbor-recovery – Event neighbor recovery
  • power-adjustment – Event power adjustment
  • root-recovery – Event meshpoint root recovery
smtpnot Enables and configures logging of the following SMTP module related events:
  • cfg – Event cfg
  • cfginc – Event cfg inc
  • net – Event net
  • proto – Event proto
  • smtpauth – Event SMTP authentication
  • smtperr – Event SMTP error
  • smtpinfo – Event SMTP information
system Enables and configures logging of the following system module related events:
  • clock-reset – Event clock reset
  • cold-start – Event cold start
  • config-commit – Event configuration commit
  • config-revision – Event config-revision done
  • devup-rfd-fail – Event device-upgrade failed on rf-domain manager managed devices
  • guest-user-exp – Event guest user purging
  • http-err – Event Web server did not start
  • login – Event successful login
  • login-fail – Event login fail. Occurs when user authentication fails.
  • login-fail-access – Event login fail access. Occurs in case of access violation.
  • login-fail-bad-role – Event login fail bad role. Occurs when user uses an invalid role to logon.
  • login-lockout – Event user account locked out message. Occurs when a user account is locked due to exceeding of maximum number failed login attempts threshold. Configure this event notification only if the max-fail and lockout-time parameters have been configured in the management-policy context. For more information, see password-entry.
  • login-unlocked – Event user account un-locked. Occurs when a locked user account is re-activated. Enable this event notification only if the max-fail and lockout-time parameters have been configured in the management-policy context. For more information, see password-entry.
  • logout – Event logout
  • maat-light – Event action on RIM (Research in Motion) radio(s) from the Maat light module
  • panic – Event panic
  • periodic-heart-beat – Event periodic heart beat
  • procstop – Event proc stop
  • server-unreachable – Event server-unreachable
  • system-autoup-disable – Event system autoup disable
  • system-autoup-enable – Event system autoup enable
  • t5-config-error – Event t5-config-error
  • ui-user-auth-fail – Event user authentication fail
  • ui-user-auth-success – Event user authentication success
  • warm-start – Event warm start
  • warm-start-recover – Event recovery from warm start
test Enables and configures logging of the following test module related events:
  • testalert – Event test alert
  • testargs – Event test arguments
  • testcrit – Event test critical
  • testdebug – Event test debug
  • testemerg – Event test emergency
  • testerr – Event test error
  • testinfo – Event test information
  • testnotice – Event test notice
  • testwarn – Event test warning


Enables and configures logging of the following TRON device (i.e., the ID Nodes) related events:
  • first-sighting - Logs an event when 'a first-sighting TRON message is generated for the ID node'.

  • offline - Logs an event when 'an off-line TRON message is generated for the node'.

  • online - Logs an event when 'an on-line TRON message is generated for the node'.

  • sporadic - Logs an event when 'a sporadic TRON message is generated for the ID node'.

vrrp Enables and configures logging of the following Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) related events:
  • vrrp-monitor-change – Event VRRP monitor link state change
  • vrrp-state-change – Event VRRP state transition
  • vrrp-vip-subnet-mismatch – Event VRRP IP not overlapping with an interface addresses
webf Enables and configures logging of the following Web Filtering (webf) module related events:
  • malform-url-request – Event malformed URL request
  • no-parent-engine – Event ‘no session to URL classification server‘
  • srvr-connect-fail – Event URL classification server unreachable
  • url-blocked – Event URL blocked
  • webf-lic-acquired – Event webf license acquired
  • webf-lic-missing – Event webf license missing
  • webf-lic-revoked – Event webf license revoked
wips Enables and configures logging of the following Wireless IPS module related events:
  • air-termination-active – Event air termination active

    air-termination-ended – Event air termination ended

    air-termination-inactive – Event air termination inactive

    air-termination-initiated – Event air termination initiated

    rogue-ap-active – Event rogue AP active

    rogue-ap-inactive – Event rogue AP inactive

    unsanctioned-ap-active – Event unsanctioned AP active

    unsanctioned-ap-inactive – Event unsanctioned AP inactive

    unsanctioned-ap-status-change – Event unsanctioned AP changed state

    wips-client-blacklisted – Event WIPS client blacklisted

  • wips-client-rem-blacklist – Event WIPS client rem blacklist
  • wips-event – Event WIPS event triggered
Note: Air-termination is not supported on AP505 and AP510 model access points.
email Sends e-mail notifications to a pre configured e-mail ID
forward-to-switch Forwards the messages to an external server
snmp Logs an SNMP event
syslog Logs an event to syslog
default Performs the default action for the event
off Switches the event off, when the event happens, and no action is performed
on Switches the event on, when the event happens, and the configured action is taken


rfs4000-229D58(config-event-system-policy-event-testpolicy)#event aaa radius-discon-msg email on forward-to-switch default snmp default syslog default
rfs4000-229D58(config-event-system-policy-testpolicy)#show context
event-system-policy test
 event aaa radius-discon-msg email on
nx9500-6C8809(config-event-system-policy-test)#event database database-exception
 syslog default snmp default forward-to-switch default email default
nx9500-6C8809(config-event-system-policy-test)#event database operation-failed syslog default snmp default forward-to-switch default email default
nx9500-6C8809(config-event-system-policy-test)#show context include-factory | grep operation-failed
 event database operation-failed syslog default snmp default forward-to-switch default email default

Related Commands

no (event-system-policy-config-mode) Resets or disables event monitoring