Enables FTP (File Transfer Protocol) on this management policy. FTP is the standard protocol for transferring files over a TCP/IP network. FTP requires administrators enter a valid username and password authenticated locally. FTP access is disabled by default.

Supported in the following platforms:

  • Access Points — AP505i, AP510i/e, AP560i/h
  • Service Platforms — NX5500, NX7500, NX9500, NX9600, VX9000


ftp {password|rootdir|username}
ftp {password [1 <ENCRYPTED-PASSWORD>|<PASSWORD>]}
ftp {rootdir <DIR>}
ftp {username <USERNAME> password [1 <ENCRYPTED-PASSWORD>|<PASSWORD>] rootdir <DIR>}


ftp {password [1 <ENCRYPTED-PASSWORD>|<PASSWORD>]}

ftp password

Optional. Configures the FTP server password


Configures an encrypted password. Use this option when copy pasting the password from another device.

  • <ENCRYPTED-PASSWORD> – Specify the password. The password should not exceed 63 characters in length.


Configures a clear text password

ftp {rootdir <DIR>}

ftp rootdir <DIR>

Optional. Configures the root directory for FTP logins

  • <DIR> – Specify the root directory path. By default the root directory is set to flash:/

ftp {username <USERNAME> password [1 <ENCRYPTED-PASSWORD>|<PASSWORD>] rootdir <DIR>}

ftp username <USERNAME>

Optional. Configures a new user account on the FTP server. The FTP user file lists users with FTP server access.

  • <USERNAME> – Specify the username. The username should not exceed 32 characters in length.


Configures an encrypted password

  • 1 <ENCRYPTED-PASSWORD> – Specifies an encrypted password (use this option if copy pasting from another device). The password should not exceed 63 characters in length.

  • <PASSWORD> - Configures a clear text password

rootdir <DIR>

After specifying the password, configure the FTP root directory.

  • rootdir <DIR> – Configures the root directory for FTP logins. Specify the root directory path.

Usage Guidelines

The string size of an encrypted password (option 1, password is encrypted with a SHA1 algorithm) must be exactly 40 characters. Copy paste the encrypted password here.


rfs4000-6DB5D4(config-management-policy-test)#ftp username superuser password test@123 rootdir dir
rfs4000-6DB5D4(config-management-policy-test)#show context
management-policy test
 http server
 ftp username superuser password 1 f617ca50c59fb47028f96db4baab5f3d8f03c03ab257960b0fd127c69f02cd7e rootdir dir
 no ssh
 aaa-login radius external
 aaa-login radius policy test
 banner motd "Have a Good Day"

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Disables FTP and its settings, such as the server password, root directory, and users