Controls the distribution of default route information. Use the default-information → originate command to advertise a default route in the routing table.

This option is disabled by default. When enabled, the default route becomes a distributed route.

Supported in the following platforms:

  • Access Points — AP 7161, AP 7502, AP-7522, AP 7532, AP 7562, AP 7602, AP 7622, AP-8163, AP-8432, AP-8533
  • Wireless Controllers — RFS 4000


default-information originate {always|metric|metric-type}
default-information originate {always|metric <0-16777214>|metric-type [1|2]} 
{(metric <0-16777214>|metric-type [1|2])}


default-information originate {always|metric <0-16777214>|metric-type [1|2]} 
{(metric <0-16777214>|metric-type [1|2])}
originate Originates default route information. Enabling this feature makes the default route a distributed route. This option is disabled by default.
always Optional. Always distributes default route information (will continue to advertise default route information even if that information has been removed from the routing table for some reason). This option is disabled by default.
metric <0-16777214> This is a recursive parameter and can be optionally configured along with the metric-type option.
  • metric <0-16777214> – Optional. Specifies OSPF metric value for redistributed routes (this value is used to generate the default route)
    • <0-16777214> – Specify a value from 0 - 16777214.
metric-type [1|2] This is a recursive parameter and can be optionally configured along with the metric option.
  • metric-type [1|2] – Optional. Sets OSPF exterior metric type for redistributed routes (this information is advertised with the OSPF routing domain)
    • 1 – Sets OSPF external type 1 metrics
    • 2 – Sets OSPF external type 2 metrics


nx9500-6C8809(config-profile default-rfs4000-router-ospf)#default-information 
originate metric-type 2 metric 1
nx9500-6C8809(config-profile default-rfs4000-router-ospf)#show context
 router ospf
  auto-cost reference-bandwidth 1
  default-information originate metric 1 metric-type 2
nx9500-6C8809(config-profile default-rfs4000-router-ospf)#

Related Commands

no (router-mode-config-command) Disables advertising of default route information available in the routing table