Displays the amount of access time consumed and the amount of access time remaining for all guest users configured on a RADIUS server

Every captive portal guest user can access the captive portal for a specified duration. This results in following three scenarios:
  • Scenario 1: Access duration not specified (in this case the default of 1440 minutes is applied)
  • Scenario 2: Access duration is specified and is greater than 0
  • Scenario 3: Access duration is specified and equals to 0 (in this case the guest user has unlimited access)

In all the three scenarios the access time consumed is the duration for which the guest user has logged.

But the access time remaining varies. It is calculated as follows:
  • Scenarios 1 & 2 - It is the lesser of the following two values: difference between the configured access duration and the time consumed AND the time until user account expiration.
  • Scenario 3 - It is the time until user account expiration.

Supported in the following platforms:

  • Access Points — AP505i, AP510i/e, AP560i/h
  • Service Platforms — NX5500, NX7500, NX9500, NX9600, VX9000


show radius [guest-users|server]
show radius guest-users {brief|<GUEST-USER-NAME>}
show radius server


show radius guest-users {brief|<GUEST-USER-NAME>}
radius guest-users {brief|<GUEST-USER-NAME>} Displays RADIUS server‘s guest user‘s access details: total time for which the user has logged in, and the amount of access time remaining.
  • brief – Displays the total number of guest users provided RADIUS access
  • <GUEST-USER-NAME> – Optional. Provide the name of the guest user (whose access details are to be viewed). If no name is provided, the system displays details of all guest users who have successfully logged in at least once.

Use this command in the captive-portal context to view time and data statistics for guest user(s) having bandwidth-based or time-based vouchers configured. In such a scenario, the system displays the following information: data configured, data remaining, configured and current bandwidths (for both downlink and uplink), time configured, and time remaining.

If bandwidth-based voucher is not applicable to a guest user, the data configured and data remaining values are displayed as ‘unlimited‘. The bandwidth columns are blank. If time-based voucher is not applicable to a guest user, the only value displayed is the time remaining (which is the time till the expiration of the guest user‘s account).

Note: For more information on configuring bandwidth-based and time-based vouchers, see user (radius user policy config mode).
show radius server
radius server Displays RADIUS server related statistical data


rfs4000-229D58#show radius guest-users
         TIME (min:sec)
       0:00         9:00   time9
       0:00         5:00   time5
       0:00        15:00   time15
       0:00    305416:35   notime
       2:31         7:29   time10

The following example shows a RADIUS user pool with guest users having bandwidth-based, time-based, bandwidth and time based, and no bandwidth or time based vouchers:

rfs4000-229D58(config-captive-portal-wdws)#show context
radius-user-pool-policy wdws
 user time_and_data password 0 both group wdws guest expiry-time 12:00 expiry-date 12/31/2015 access-duration  8000 data-limit  500 committed-downlink  3000 committed-uplink  2000 reduced-downlink  1000 reduce4
 user neither password 0 nine group wdws guest expiry-time 12:00 expiry-date 12/31/2015
 user data_only password 0 data group wdws guest expiry-time 12:00 expiry-date 12/31/2015 data-limit  125 committed-downlink  1000 committed-uplink  800 reduced-downlink  500 reduced-uplink  400

The following example shows the captive portal access details for the above mentioned RADIUS user pool users:

rfs4000-229D58(config-captive-portal-wdws)#show radius guest-users 
                      TIME (DD:HH:MM:SS)            DATA (kilobytes)                BANDWIDTH (kbps) 
time_and_data       5:13:20:00    5:12:00:50        512000       433727       3000        0     2000        0
neither            till expiry  221:19:44:54     unlimited    unlimited
data_only          till expiry  221:19:44:54        128000       127587       1000        0      800        0
time_only           3:11:20:00    3:11:19:47     unlimited    unlimited
Current time: 17:15:07