roaming-assist-policy commands

The following table summarizes the roaming-assist-policy configuration mode commands:

Table: Roaming Assist Policy Config Mode Commands



action Specifies the action to be invoked on the client
aggressiveness Configures a roaming aggressiveness value for wireless clients
detection-threshold Configure detection-threshold interval value
disassoc-time Configures the disassociation interval
handoff-count Configures the handoff-count value
handoff-threshold Configures the handoff-threshold value
monitoring-interval Configures the client monitoring interval
sampling interval Configures the interval at which clients are sampled to determine their RSSI value
no Removes or reverts this roaming assist policy settings based on the parameters passed


For more information on common commands (clrscr, commit, help, revert, service, show, write, and exit), see Common Commands.


The input parameter <HOSTNAME>, wherever used in syntaxes across this chapter, cannot include an underscore (_) character. In other words, the name of a device cannot contain an underscore.