Configures the duration, in minutes, for which channels detected with high levels of interference are avoided by the AP

As per the ETSI's (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) EN 300 328 V1.8.1/ ETSI EN 301 893 V1.7.1 requirements, access points have to monitor interference levels on operating channels, and stop functioning on channels with interference levels exceeding ETSI-specified threshold values.

This command configures the duration for which a channel is avoided on detection of interference, and is applicable only if the channel selection mode is set to ACS, Random, or Fixed.



If you want to configure your radio to use a SMART RF policy for channel selection (i.e., the radio's channel selection mode is set to Smart), in the Smart-RF policy config mode, use the avoidance-time > [adaptivity|dfs] > <30-3600> command to specify the interval for which a channel is avoided on detection of high levels of interference or radar. For more information, see avoidance-time (smart-rf policy config mode).

When configured, this feature ensures recovery by switching the radio to a new operating channel. Once adaptivity is triggered, the evacuated channel becomes inaccessible and is available again only after the adaptivity timeout, specified here, expires. In case of fixed channel, the radio switches back to the original channel of operation after the adaptivity timeout expires. On the other hand, ACS-enabled radios continue operating on the new channel even after the adaptivity timeout period expires.

Supported in the following platforms:

  • Access Points — AP505i, AP510i, AP510e, AP560i, AP560h


adaptivity [recovery|timeout <30-3600>]


adaptivity [recovery|timeout <30-3600>]
adaptivity Configures adaptivity parameters on the radio. These parameters are: recovery and timeout.
recovery Enables switching of channels when an access point‘s radio is in the adaptivity mode. In the adaptivity mode, an access point monitors interference on its set channel and stops functioning when the radio‘s defined interference tolerance level is exceeded. When the defined adaptivity timeout is exceeded, the radio resumes functionality on a different channel. This option is enabled by default.
timeout <30-3600> Configures an adaptivity timeout
  • <30-3600> – Specify a value from 30 - 3600 minutes. The default is 90 minutes.


nx9500-6C8809(config-profile-testAP505-if-radio1)#adaptivity timeout 200

nx9500-6C8809(config-profile-testAP505-if-radio1)#show context
 interface radio1
 adaptivity timeout 200

Related Commands

no (radio-interface-config-command) Removes the configured adaptivity timeout value and disables adaptivity recovery