soft-reconfiguration (bgp-neighbor-config)

Enables storing of updates for inbound soft reconfiguration. This option is disabled by default.

Soft-reconfiguration can be used in lieu of BGP route refresh capability. Enabling this option enables local storage of all received routes and their attributes. This requires additional memory on the BGP device.

When a soft reset (inbound) is performed on the neighbor device, the locally stored routes are reprocessed according to the inbound policy. The BGP neighbor connection is not affected.

Supported in the following platforms:

  • Wireless Controllers — RFS 4000

  • Service Platforms — NX 95XX, NX 96XX


soft-reconfiguration inbound


soft-reconfiguration inbound
soft-reconfiguration inbound Performs a soft reconfiguration (inbound) on the BGP neighbor device


nx9500-6C8809(config-profile testNX9000-router-bgp-neighbor- inbound

Related Commands

no (bgp-neighbor-config) Disables soft reconfiguration