t5 (management-policy)

Configures SNMP server settings for T5 devices on this management policy

A T5 controller is an external device that can be adopted and managed by a WiNG controller. When enabled as a supported external device, the T5 controller provides data to WiNG to assist in it‘s management within a WiNG supported subnet.

This command enables SNMP to communicate with T5 devices within the network. SNMP facilitates the exchange of management information between the controller or service platform and the T5 device. For more information, see snmp-server.

Supported in the following platforms:

  • Wireless Controllers — RFS4000
  • Service Platforms — NX9500, NX9600


t5 snmp-server [community|contact|enable|host|location]
t5 snmp-server community <COMMUNITY-NAME> [ro|rw] <SNMP-STATION-IP>
t5 snmp-server contact <LINE>
t5 snmp-server enable [server|traps]
t5 snmp-server host <IP>
t5 snmp-server location <LINE>


t5 snmp-server [community|contact|enable|host|location]
community <COMMUNITY-NAME> [ro|rw] Defines a public or private community designation. By default, SNMPv2 community strings on most devices are set to public, for the read-only community string, and private for the read-write community string.
  • <COMMUNITY-NAME> – Specify the SNMP community name, and configure the access permission for this community string (used by devices to retrieve or modify information).
    • ro – Allows a remote device to retrieve information only
    • rw – Allows a remote device to retrieve information and modify settings
<SNMP-STATION-IP> Specify the SNMP management station IP address for receiving trap information
t5 snmp-server contact <LINE>
contact <LINE> Configures the administrator of SNMP trap events for the T5 controller.
  • <LINE> – Specify the administrator‘s name (should not exceed 64 characters).
t5 snmp-server enable [server|traps]
enable [server|traps] Enables the following:
  • server – Enables the SNMP server. When enabled, the system accepts SNMP management data. This option is enabled by default.
  • traps – Enables SNMP traps. When enabled, the system generates SNMP traps. This is enabled by default.
t5 snmp-server host <IP>
host <IP> Configures the T5 SNMP host‘s IP address. The SNMP host receives the SNMP notifications.
  • <IP> – Specify the SNMP host‘s IP address.
t5 snmp-server location <LINE>
location <LINE> Configures the system location for SNMP traps
  • <LINE> – Specify the SNMP trap location (should not exceed 64 characters).


nx9500-6C8809(config-management-policy-test)#t5 snmp-server community lab rw
nx9500-6C8809(config-management-policy-test)#show context
management-policy test
 http server
 no ssh
 t5 snmp-server community lab rw

Related Commands

no Removes or reverts SNMP server configuration for T5 devices