Configures a vEX3500 switch user settings

The EX3500 switch user details are stored in a local database on the NX 95XX, NX 96XX, NX 7510, or WiNG VM. You can configure multiple users, each having a unique name, access level, and password.

Supported in the following platforms:

  • Service Platforms — NX 95XX, NX 96XX, NX 7510


username <USER-NAME> [access-level <0-15>|nopassword|password [0|7] <PASSWORD>]


username <USER-NAME> [access-level <0-15>|nopassword|password [0|7] <PASSWORD>]
username <USER-NAME> Configures the TACACS server port username
  • <USER-NAME> – Specify the user name (should not exceed 32 characters)
access-level <0-15> Configures the access level for this user. This value determines the access priority of each user requesting access and interoperability with EX3500 switch.
  • <0-15> – Specify the access level from 0 - 15. The default is 0.
nopassword Allows user to login without a password
password [0|7] <PASSWORD> Configures the password for this user
  • 0 – Configures a plain text password
  • 7 – Configures an encrypted password (should be 32 characters in length)
    • <PASSWORD> – Specify the password.


nx9500-6C8809(config-ex3500-management-policy-test)#username user1 access-level 5
nx9500-6C8809(config-ex3500-management-policy-test)#username user1 password 0 user1@1234
nx9500-6C8809(config-ex3500-management-policy-test)#show context
ex3500-management-policy test
 ssh server
 ssh authentication-retries 4
 ssh timeout 90
 ssh server-key size 600
 http secure-server
 enable password level 3 7 12345678901020304050607080929291
 username user1 access-level 5
 username user1 password 7 5c4786c1e52f913d38168ce89154a079
 snmp-server enable traps authentication
 snmp-server notify-filter 3 remote
 snmp-server notify-filter 1 remote

Related Commands

no (ex3500-management-policy-config-mode) Removes this SNMP user settings