To navigate to the automatic IPSec manual VPN tunnel configuration instance, use the following command:

In the device-config mode:

<DEVICE>(config-device-<DEVICE-MAC>)#crypto map <CRYPTO-MAP-TAG> <1-1000> ipsec-manual

In the profile-config mode:

<DEVICE>(config-profile-<PROFILE-NAME>)#crypto map <CRYPTO-MAP-TAG> <1-1000> ipsec-manual

rfs4000-229D58(config-device-00-23-68-22-9D-58)#crypto map test 3 ipsec-manual
Manual Crypto Map Configuration commands:
  local-endpoint-ip     Use this IP as local tunnel endpoint address, instead
                        of the interface IP (Advanced Configuration)
  mode                  Set the tunnel mode
  no                    Negate a command or set its defaults
  peer                  Set peer
  security-association  Set security association parameters
  session-key           Set security session key parameters
  use                   Set setting to use

  clrscr                Clears the display screen
  commit                Commit all changes made in this session
  do                    Run commands from Exec mode
  end                   End current mode and change to EXEC mode
  exit                  End current mode and down to previous mode
  help                  Description of the interactive help system
  revert                Revert changes
  service               Service Commands
  show                  Show running system information
  write                 Write running configuration to memory or terminal


The following table summarizes IPSec manual VPN tunnel configuration mode commands:

Command Description
local-endpoint-ip Uses the configured IP as local tunnel endpoint address, instead of the interface IP (Advanced Configuration)
mode Sets the tunnel mode
peer Sets the peer device‘s IP address
security-association Defines the lifetime (in kilobytes and/or seconds) of IPSec SAs created by a crypto map
session-key Defines encryption and authentication keys for a crypto map
use Uses the configured IP access list
no Removes or reverts crypto map IPSec manual settings