Configures iBeacon beacon payload parameters. Configure these parameters only if the Bluetooth radio interface‘s operational mode is set to ‘le-beacon‘, and the beacon‘s emitted transmission pattern is set to ‘ibeacon‘.

Supported in the following platforms:

  • Access Points – AP505i, AP510i/e, AP560i/h, AP7602, AP7612, AP7632, AP7662, AP8432, AP8533


ibeacon [calibration-rssi <-127-127>|major <0-65535>|minor <0-65535>|uuid <WORD>]
ibeacon [calibration-rssi <-127-127>|uuid <WORD>]
ibeacon [major|minor] <0-65535>


ibeacon [calibration-rssi <-127-127>|major <0-65535>|minor <0-65535>|uuid <WORD>]
ibeacon Configures following iBeacon beacon payload parameters: calibration-rssi, major, minor, and uuid
calibration-rssi <-127-127> Configures the ibeacon measured calibration signal strength, from -127 to 127 dBm, at 1 meter. Mobile devices can approximate their distance to beacons based on received signal strength. However, distance readings can fluctuate since they depend on several external factors. The closer you are to a beacon, the more accurate the reported distance. This setting is the projected calibration signal strength at 1 meter.
  • <-127-127> – Specify a value from -127 to 127 dBm. The default value is -60 dBm.
major <0-65535> Configures the iBeacon Major value that identifies a subset of beacons within the larger set.

Major values identify and distinguish groups. For example, each beacon on a specific floor in a building could be assigned a unique major value.

  • <0-65535> – Specify a value from 0 - 65535. The default value is 1111.
minor <0-65535> Configures the iBeacon Minor value that precisely pinpoints beacon location. Minor values help identify individual beacons within a group of beacons assigned a major value.

This value complements the UUID and Major values to provide more granular identification of a specific location, such as a particular shelf, door-way, or item

  • <0-65535> – Specify a value from 0 - 65535. The default value is 2222.
uuid <WORD> Configures an identifier that differentiates a large group of related beacons.

The UUID classification contains 32 hexadecimal digits, split into 5 groups, separated by dashes. For example, f2468da65fa82e841134bc5b71e0893e. The UUID distinguishes iBeacons in the network from all other beacons in networks outside of your direct administration.

  • <WORD> – Specify the UUID (should not exceed 32 hexadecimal characters). The default value is 01F101F101F101F101F101F101F101F1.


calibration-rssi -70

major 1110

minor 2210

nx9500-6C8809(config-profile-default-ap8432-if-bluetooth1)#ibeacon uuid 

nx9500-6C8809(config-profile-default-ap8432-if-bluetooth1)#show context
 interface bluetooth1
  mode le-beacon
  beacon pattern ibeacon
  ibeacon calibration-rssi -70
  ibeacon major 1110
  ibeacon minor 2210
  ibeacon uuid f2468da65fa82e841134bc5b71e0893e

For AP5XX IoT configuration, see Configurations enabling IoT on AP5XX IoT.

Related Commands

no (bluetooth-inf-config-command) Removes or reverts to default this Bluetooth radio‘s iBeacon beacon payload parameters