tron (show command)

Displays the TRON-capable and TRON-enabled, WiNG AP‘s operating configuration.



This command is applicable on TRON-capable, WiNG APs and controllers. And, the controller should have the TRON license applied, and TRON-capable and enabled AP(s) adopted to it.

Supported in the following platforms

  • Access Points — AP-8533

  • Service Platforms — NX 5500, NX 75XX, NX 95XX, NX 96XX, VX 9000


show tron operating-config {on <DEVICE-NAME>}


show tron operating-config {on <DEVICE-NAME>}

show tron operating-config

Displays the operating configuration parameters


Optional. Executes the command on a specified AP, controller, or service platform

Following are the error outputs of this command:
  • % Error: Not available under current working mode

    You will get this message, if the device (AP or controller) on which you have executed the command does not have TRON up and running, or does not support the TRON feature.

  • TRON Operating Configuration: (none)

    You will get this message, when the FedEx backend server has not yet pushed the operating configuration to the WiNGAP. For more information on configuring TRON parameters, see tron.


NOC-NX9500#show tron operating-config on ap8533-070154
TRON Operating Configuration:
  Device_Master_Type:                 0x00 (Fixed)
  Device_BLE_Scanner:                 xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
  BLE_Scan_Type:                      0 (passive)
  BLE_Scan_Interval:                  16 (.625msec slots)
  BLE_Scan_Window:                    16 (.625msec slots)
  BLE_Own_Address_Type:               0 (public)
  BLE_Scan_Filter_Policy:             0 (accept_all)
  Node_Table_Monitor_Interval:        3 (seconds)
  Heartbeat_Interval:                 3 (minutes)
  Company_ID_List:                    0x0141
  Status_Change_Alert_Set_Enable:     0x00
  Status_Change_Alert_Clear_Enable:   0x00
  MQTT_Broker_Host:                   xx.xx.xx.xx
  MQTT_Broker_Port:                   1883
  MQTT_Topic_Publish_Prefix:          /TOPICS/PACKETS
  MQTT_Topic_Subscribe_Prefix:        /TOPICS/COMMANDS
  MQTT_QoS:                           2 (exactly_once)
  MQTT_Client_Id_Prefix:              FMN
  MQTT_Username:                      myname
  MQTT_Password:                      <encrypted string>
  MQTT_Clean_Session:                 0 (preserve_previous)