enable ospf originate-default

enable ospf originate-default {always} cost cost type [ase-type-1 | ase-type-2] {tag number}


Enables a default external LSA to be generated by OSPF, if no other default route is originated by OSPF by way of RIP and static route re-distribution.

Syntax Description

always Specifies for OSPF to always advertise the default route.
cost Specifies a cost metric.
ase-type-1 Specifies AS-external type 1 routes.
ase-type-2 Specifies AS-external type 2 routes.
number Specifies a tag value.



Usage Guidelines

If always is specified, OSPF always advertises the default route. If always is not specified, OSPF adds the default LSA if a reachable default route is in the route table.


The following command generates a default external type-1 LSA:

enable ospf originate-default cost 1 ase-type-1 tag 0


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 10.1.

Platform Availability

This command is available on platforms with an Advanced Edge or Base license, or higher, as described in the ExtremeXOS and Switch Engine 31.7 Feature License Requirements document.