show macsec connectivity-association

show macsec { connectivity-association {ca_name}


Displays a global summary of MAC Security (MACsec) capabilities and status for all or a specified connectivity-association (CA).

Syntax Description

connectivity-association Secure connectivity provided between MACsec stations.
ca_name Selects the Connectivity Association (CA) name.




The following example shows general information about CAs:
# show macsec connectivity-association 
MACsec                                                  CAK Bit
CA Name                           Ports                  Length  CAK Name (CKN)
--------------------------------  --------------------  -------  ---------------
CentOS-50                         50                        256  SaturnS        
foo128                            None                      128  short          
foo256                            None                      256  long           
MyLittleCa                        33                        128  My128bitKeyName
MyBigCa                           None                      256  My256bitKeyName
The following example shows information about CA "testca":
# show macsec connectivity-association testca

MACsec Connectivity Association: ca25
   CKN: blue
   CAK: 256-bit
  Ports: 25


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 30.1.

Information for 256 cipher suite support was added in ExtremeXOS 30.2.

Platform Availability

This command is available on the following platforms.



The MACsec feature requires the installation of the MAC Security feature pack license.
Platform Ports LRM/MACsec Adapter Required?
ExtremeSwitching X460-G2-24p-24hp, X460-G2-24t-24ht switches Half-duplex, 1G ports (25–48) No
All other SFP/SFP+ ports * Yes
ExtremeSwitching X450-G2, X460-G2, X670-G2, X440-G2, X590, X620, X690, and X695 series switches SFP/SFP+ ports * Yes
ExtremeSwitching X465

X465-24W, X465-24XE: ports 1–24

X465-48T, X465-48P, X465-48W, X465i-48W: ports 1–48

X465-24MU-24W: ports 25–48

VIM5-4XE: all 4 ports

VIM5-4YE in X465-24MU, X465-24MU-24W switches: all 4 ports

VIM5-4YE in X465-24W, X465-48T, X465-48P, X465-48W, X464.24S, X465-24S, X465i-48W: first 2 ports only

ExtremeSwitching 5320 All ports of all models except stacking ports. No
ExtremeSwitching 5420 All ports of all models except stacking ports. No
ExtremeSwitching 5520 All ports, except 5520-VIM-4X and 24X 10G ports No
Note: * For ExtremeSwitching X460-G2 series switches, the VIM-2X option does not support the LRM/MACsec Adapter.