show auto-peering one-config

show auto-peering one-config {remote | service | route | database | bootprelay}


Shows auto-peered OneConfig information configured on the device.

Syntax Description

auto-peering Specifies Auto-peering.
one-config Specifies changing the BGP Auto-peering OneConfig configuration.
remote Displays only remote ID information.
service Displays only service information.
route Displays only host-driven static route information.
database Displays only overlay database information.
bootprelay Displays only BOOTP relay information.



Usage Guidelines

To configure remote IDs, use the configure auto-peering one-config remote id [add | delete] id {password [none | {encrypted} tcpPassword]} command.

To configure services, use the configure auto-peering one-config nsi-id id type [nsi | vrf] [add | delete] [[ipaddress {netmask} | ipNetmask ] | ipNetmaskv6] {vr vrname } command.

To configure routes, use the configure auto-peering one-config iproute [add | delete] [host | hostv6] [[ipaddress {netmask} | ipNetmask] gateway | ipNetmaskv6 gatewayv6] {vr vrname } command.

To configure overlay databases, use the configure auto-peering one-config overlay [add | delete] server [address | addressv6] {type bgp-rr } {id id} {password [none | {encrypted} password]} command.

To configure BOOTP relay, use the configure auto-peering one-config bootprelay [add | delete] [ip_address | ipv6_address] vr vrname comamnd.


The following example shows all auto-peered OneConfig information:

# show auto-peering one-config
ID              : 0 
Password        : None 
Route Target    : None 
Anycast MAC     : 00:00:00:1b:1b:1b 
OneConfig Allowed Remote IDs 
Remote ID   Password 
----------- ----------------------------------
23456       None
34567       #$HktHhKOFo/Tk1YtJC1pBz24ZMBHCGg==
OneConfig Dynamic Service
NSI Service  Type     VRF          Address                                     Installed
------------ -------- ------------ ------------------------------------------- ---------
1000         VRF      red                                   YES     
1001         NSI      red                               YES     
1002         NSI      red                               YES     
1003         NSI      red                               NO      
1004         NSI      red                               YES     
2000         VRF      blue                                   YES     
2001         NSI      blue                               YES     
2002         NSI      blue                               YES     
2003         NSI      blue                               NO      
2004         NSI      blue                               YES     
3001         NSI      VR-Default                               YES     
3002         NSI      VR-Default                               YES     
3003         NSI      VR-Default                               NO      
4002         NSI      VR-Default   1000:2000:3000:4000:5000:6000:7000:8000/128 NO
OneConfig Dynamic Host Static Routes
VRF          Host                     Route                       Gateway                 Installed
------------ ------------------------ --------------------------- ----------------------- ---------
red                      NO      
red                      NO      
red                      NO        
OneConfig Overlay Database
Database Address                        Type     ID              Password
--------------------------------------- -------- --------------- -----------------------                            Redis    2000            None                            BGP_RR   2000            None   

OneConfig Dynamic Bootprelay
VRF                  Server                                 
-------------------- ---------------------------------------


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 31.1.

Platform Availability

This command is available on the ExtremeSwitching X670-G2, X465, X590, X690, X695, X870, 5320, 5420, 5520 series switches.

This feature requires the Advanced Edge or Base license. For more information about licenses, see the ExtremeXOS and Switch Engine 31.7 Feature License Requirements .