disable mpls rsvp-te

disable mpls rsvp-te te [{vlan} vlan_name | vlan all]


Disables RSVP-TE for the specified MPLS-configured This command is available on the ExtremeSwitching X440-G2, X450-G2, X460-G2, X465, X590, X620, X670-G2, X690, X695, X870, 5320, 5420, 5520 series switches..

Syntax Description

vlan Specifies that RSVP-TE is to be disabled on a specific VLAN.
vlan_name Specifies the VLAN for which RSVP-TE is disabled.
vlan all Disables RSVP-TE on all VLANS that have been added to MPLS.



Usage Guidelines

This command disables RSVP-TE for the specified MPLS configured VLANs. When RSVP-TE is disabled, all TE LSPs are released and TE LSPs cannot be established or accepted. By default, RSVP-TE is disabled for all MPLS configured VLANs. Specifying the optional all keyword disables RSVP-TE for all VLANs that have been added to MPLS.


The following command disables RSVP-TE on the named VLAN:

disable mpls rsvp-te vlan vlan_10


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 11.6.

Platform Availability

This command is available only on the platforms that support MPLS as described in the ExtremeXOS and Switch Engine 31.7 Feature License Requirements document.