show log components

show log components {event component } {version}


Displays the name, description and default severity for all components.

Syntax Description

event component Specifies the component to display.
version Specifies the version number of the component.



Usage Guidelines

This command displays the name, description, and default severity defined for the specified components or subcomponents.

Depending on the software version running on your switch or your switch model, additional or different component information might be displayed.


The following command displays the log components:

show log components

The following is sample output from this command:

Component           Title                                          Threshold
------------------- ---------------------------------------------- -------------
AAA                 Authentication, Authorization, Accounting      Info
RADIUS      Remote Authentication Dial In User Service     Error
TACACS      Terminal Access Controller Access Control Syst Info
ACL                 ACL                                            Info
CLEARFlow   CLEARFlow                                      Info
Policy      Policy actions                                 Info
bgp                 Border Gateway Protocol                        Info
damp        BGP Route Flap Dampening related debug message Error
event       BGP FSM related events                         Error
inUpdt      Incoming Update related debug msgs             Warning
keepalive   BGP keepalive message                          Warning
misc        Miscellenous debug (Import, Aggregate, NextHop Warning
msgs        Debug for BGP messages (OPEN, Update, Notifica Warning
outUpdt     Transmit Update related debug                  Warning
bootp               BOOTP, DHCP Component                          Error
relay       BOOTP Relay trace component                    Error
server      DHCP Server subcomponent                       Info
cli                 Command Line Interface                         Info
shell       CLI configuration shell.                       Error
subagent    CLI application subagent                       Error
cm                  Configuration Manager                          Warning
file        CM file operation events                       Warning
sys         CM system events                               Warning
DM                  Device Manager                                 Info
Card        Device Manager Card State Machine              Info
dosprot             dosprot                                        Info
ds                  Directory Services                             Error
EAPS                Ethernet Automatic Protection Switching        Info
SharedPort  EAPS SharedPort Domain                         Info
EDP                 Extreme DIscovery Protocol (EDP)               Error
Report      Extreme Loop Recognition Protocol              Warning
EPM                 Extreme Process Manager                        Info
KLM         Kernel Loadable Module Manager                 Notice
Msg         Message Handler                                Info
Upgrade     Upgrade Manager                                Info
Version     Version Manager                                Critical
ESRP                Extreme Standby Router Protocol                Error
Aware       Subsystem description                          Info
InPdu       Subsystem description                          Info
Nbr         Subsystem description                          Info
OutPdu      Subsystem description                          Info
State       ESRP State Transitions                         Warning
System      Subsystem description                          Warning
Track       Subsystem description                          Warning
Vlan        Extreme Standby Router Protocol                Info
fdb                 fdb module event                               Error
HAL                 Hardware Abstraction Layer                     Error
Card        Card State Driver                              Info
FDB         Forwarding Database Driver                     Info
IPv4ACL     IPv4 Access Control List Driver                Info
IPv4Adj     IPv4 Adjacency Driver                          Info
IPv4FIB     IPv4 FIB Driver                                Info
IPv4Mc      IPv4 Multicast Driver                          Info
Mirror      Mirroring Driver                               Error
Msg         Message Handler                                Info
Port        I/O Port Driver                                Info
SM          Switch Manager                                 Info
Sys         System Driver                                  Info
VLAN        VLAN Driver                                    Info
IPMC                IP Multicast Main Module                       Info
Snoop       IP Multicast Snooping Module                   Error
VLAN        IP Multicast VLAN Module                       Error
ISIS                Intermediate-to-Intermediate                   Error
Export      Route Redistribution into ISIS                 Error
IFSM        ISIS Interface Finite State Machine (IFSM)     Warning
IIH         ISIS Hello (IIH) PDU                           Warning
LSP         ISIS Link State PDU                            Notice
NFSM        ISIS Neighbor Finite State Machine (NFSM)      Warning
PDU         ISIS General PDU                               Warning
Restart     ISIS Restart                                   Notice
SPF         ISIS Shortest Path First (SPF)                 Warning
VLAN        ISIS VLAN-Related Events                       Error
Kern                Kernel messages                                Error
LACP                Link Aggregation Control Protocol              Info
lldp                Link Layer Discovery Protocol (IEEE 802.1AB)   Warning
log                 Log server messages                            Warning
netTool             netTools framework                             Error
dnsclient   Dns Client                                     Error
dnsproxy    Dns Proxy                                      Error
routeradv   IPv6 Router Advertisements                     Warning
sntp        Sntp client                                    Warning
nl                  Network Login                                  Info
dot1x       802.1X-based Network Login                     Warning
mac         MAC-based Network Login                        Warning
web         Web-based Network Login                        Warning
NM                  Node Manager                                   Info
ospf                open shortest path first                       Error
event       ospf events                                    Info
hello       ospf hello                                     Error
lsa         ospf link-state advertisement                  Error
neighbor    ospf neighbor                                  Error
spf         ospf shortest path first                       Error
ospfv3              OSPFv3 related EMS messages                    Warning
events      OSPF6 events related messages                  Error
lsa         LSA related messages                           Warning
nbr         OSPF6 neighbor related EMS messages            Warning
pkt         OSPF6 Packet receive/transmit/processing relat Warning
route       OSPF6 route add/delete related messages        Warning
spf         SPF computation related messages               Error
pim                 Pim Protocol Events                            Warning
cache       PIM cache maintenance.                         Warning
debug       PIM debug messages                             Notice
hello       Hello messages                                 Warning
mcdbg       multicast forwarding engine                    Warning
msg         Trace for pim control packtes                  Notice
nbr         Neighbor creation/deletion etc                 Warning
rpm         RP message exchange.                           Warning
pm                  Policy Manager                                 Error
config      Policy file events                             Info
POE                 Inline Power                                   Notice
rip                 RIP routing                                    Error
cfg         rip configuration                              Warning
event       rip events                                     Warning
inUpdt      rip - inbound route updates                    Warning
msgs        rip - socket messages in and out               Warning
outUpdt     rip - outbound route updates                   Warning
sys         rip - exos kernel interface                    Warning
ripng               RIPng Protocol Events                          Warning
debug       RIPng debug messages                           Notice
external    RIPng external interface related messages      Warning
message     RIPng control messages                         Warning
route       Hello messages                                 Warning
rmon                RMON general info                              Error
alarm       RMON alarm info                                Error
estat       RMON statistics info                           Error
event       RMON event info                                Error
history     RMON history                                   Error
RtMgr               Route Manager                                  Info
VLAN        rtmgr vlan interface                           Info
sflow               Sflow Protocol Events                          Warning
debug       SFLOW debug messages                           Notice
extended    SFLOW extended data collection                 Notice
msg         SFLOW process initializaion related message    Warning
sample      SFLOW sample collection related messages       Warning
statistics  SFLOW port statistics related message          Warning
STP                 Spanning-Tree Protocol                         Error
InBPDU      STP In Bridge Protocol Data Unit               Warning
OutBPDU     STP Out Bridge Protocol Data Unit              Warning
System      STP System                                     Error
System              XOS system related log messages                Info
telnetd             telnet server                                  Info
tftpd               tftp server                                    Info
thttpd              thttp server                                   Info
trace               Debug trace messages                           Warning
vlan                Vlan mgr                                       Info
ack         vlan ack                                       Error
dbg         Debug information                              Info
err         errors                                         Error
mac         Virtual MAC Debugging                          Info
msgs        Messages                                       Info
VRRP                Config/State messages                          Warning
Advert      Subsystem description                          Warning
System      System/Library messages                        Warning
A total of 143 component(s) were displayed.

The following command displays the version number of the VRRP component:

show log components vrrp version

The following is sample output from this command:

Component           Title                                          Version
------------------- ---------------------------------------------- -------
VRRP                Config/State messages                            2.4
Advert      Subsystem description                            3.1
System      System/Library messages                          3.2
A total of 3 component(s) were displayed.


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 10.1.

Platform Availability

This command is available on ExtremeSwitching X435, X440-G2, X450-G2, X460-G2, X465, X590, X620, X670-G2, X690, X695, X870, 5320, 5420, and 5520 series switches.