configure cfm domain delete association

configure cfm domain domain_name delete association association_name


Deletes a maintenance association (MA), including all its configured values, from the switch.

Syntax Description


Enter the domain associated with the MA you are deleting.


IEEE 802.1ag or ITU-T Y.1731 association name.



Usage Guidelines

When you delete an association, or MA, you also remove all its configured values from the switch. These values include all configured MEPs, MIPs, and static remote MEPs.


The following command deletes the MA test, in the domain of brazil, from the switch, along with all its configured MIPs, MEPs, and static remote MEPs:

configure cfm domain brazil delete association test


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 11.4.

Platform Availability

This command is available on ExtremeSwitching X435, X440-G2, X450-G2, X460-G2, X465, X590, X620, X670-G2, X690, X695, X870, 5320, 5420, and 5520 series switches.