configure mlag ports reload-delay

configure mlag ports reload-delay reload-delay


This command configures a reload delay on Multi-switch Link Aggregation Group (MLAG) ports.

Syntax Description

reload-delay Specifies creating a reload delay on MLAG ports.
reload-delay Specifies the MLAG port reload-delay timer in seconds (range = 1–1,200 seconds). The default is 30 seconds.


The default reload-delay timer interval is 30 seconds.

Usage Guidelines

There are cases where MLAG ports comes up quicker than ISC ports after a switch reboot causing traffic loss during this time gap. This command allows you to configure a time delay for MLAG ports providing enough time for ISC ports/neighborship of other Layer 3 protocols to come up. To have this delay timer take effect, you need to issue the enable mlag port reload-delay command.

To stagger the bringing up of MLAG ports, use the command configure mlag ports reload-interval [none | reload_interval_msec]

To view the current selection for reload delay, use the show mlag ports {port_list} command.


The following example sets the reload-delay to 60 seconds:

# configure mlag ports reload-delay 60


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 22.3.

Platform Availability

This command is available on all ExtremeSwitching series switches, except the X435.