configure forwarding vpex ipmc replication

configure forwarding vpex ipmc replication [ controlling-bridge | bpe ]


Configures Extended Edge Switching optimized IP multicast replication mode.

Syntax Description

forwarding Designates configuring hardware capabilities.
vpex Designates configuring Extended Edge Switching capabilities.
ipmc Designates configuring IP multicast forwarding settings.
replication Designates configuring the way hardware replicates IP multicast packets.
controlling-bridge Sets IP multicast replication to be performed at the controlling bridge (CB) (default).
bpe Sets IP multicast replication to be performed at the bridge port extender (BPE).


By default, IP multicast replication is done on the CB.

Usage Guidelines

IP multicast (IPMC) replication involves generating multiple copies of incoming IPMC traffic to subscribed receivers. Without IPMC replication, in Extended Edge Switching, if there are “N” receivers on the BPEs , “N” copies are generated by the CB, which is not efficient. IPMC replication allows the CB to send one copy of the packet to the BPE, and then let the BPE do the replication.

You can configure the replication mode with this command. The default replication is at the CB, but you can configure replication at the BPE. You might want to switch to CB-based IPMC replication for debugging in the event of a problem or scalability, because replication on the BPE uses a hardware resource on the CB that is limited.

To see the current IP multicast replication mode, use the command show forwarding configuration.


The following example configures the IPMC replication to BPE mode:

# configure forwarding vpex ipmc replication bpe


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 30.6.

Platform Availability

This command is available on the ExtremeSwitching X670-G2 , X465 , X690, X590, 5420, 5520 series switches.