configure ip-fix flow-key ipv4

configure ip-fix flow-key ipv4 {src-ip} {src-port} {dest-ip} {dest-port} {protocol} {tos}


Configures the settings for the flow key(s) for IPv4.

Syntax Description

src-ip Specifies the source IP address field as part of the flow key.
src-port Specifies the L4 source port field as part of the flow key.
dest-ip Specifies the destination IP address field as part of the flow key.
dest-port Specifies the L4 destination port field as part of the flow key.
protocol Specifies the L4 protocol field as part of the flow key.
tos Specifies the type of service field as part of the flow key.


All flow keys.

Usage Guidelines

Use this command to specify which of the designated flow-keys to use. This overrides the default which is all keys. The template sent to the Collector (per the IPFIX standard) contains only the keys used. Then, on a per port basis, you can define masks for the IPv4 source and destination address fields, for instance, to aggregate flows based on subnets. (see configure ip-fix ports flow-key ipv4 mask ipaddress)

The size of the field (in bits) for each key is as follows:
  • Source IP Address (32).
  • Destination IP Address (32).
  • L4 Source Port (16).
  • L4 Destination Port (16).
  • L4 Protocol (8).
  • TOS (DSCP + ECN) (8).

To unconfigure, use the unconfigure ip-fix flow-key command.

To display the flow keys use the show ip-fix command.


The following command configures IPv4 traffic to use the source IP address and L4 protocol:

# configure ip-fix flow-key ipv4 src-ip protocol


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 12.5.

Platform Availability

This command is available on the ExtremeSwitching X460-G2 series switches.