configure sharing distribution-mode

configure sharing master_port distribution-mode [all | local-slot | port-lists]


This command provides two different configuration options for specifying subsets of active member ports as eligible for distribution. Both of these options specify a subset of the active member ports on a per slot basis. The specific choice of configuration is described in the CLI as a “distribution-mode”. The choice of distribution mode is configurable per LAG.

Syntax Description


All active members of the group are eligible for distribution on all slots in the switch. This is the existing behavior and the default.


If there are one or more active members of the group on the slot where traffic is received, distribution will be restricted to these “local-slot” members.


If there are one or more active members of the group in the configured distribution port list for the slot on which traffic is received, distribution will be restricted to these configured ports.



Usage Guidelines

The “local-slot” distribution mode restricts distribution of unicast packets to the active LAG members on the same slot where the packet was received. If no active LAG members are present on the slot where the packet was received, all active LAG member ports are included in the distribution algorithm. The “local-slot” distribution mode may be specified during LAG creation with the “enable sharing” CLI command. It may also be configured dynamically with the “configure sharing” command. This distribution mode is self-configuring in the sense that no configuration is required other than the specification of the “local-slot” distribution mode. Addition or deletion of LAG member ports via the “configure sharing <master_port> [add | delete] <port_list>” command is automatically handled. The “local-slot” distribution mode is useful for reducing the fabric bandwidth load of a switch.


# show sharing distribution configuration  
Config   Distribution Distribution  
Master   Mode         Lists
1:1      Port Lists   Slot 1: 1:1-10, 1:15
                      Slot 5: 1:11-22  
1:25     Local Slot   Slot 1: 1:25
                      Slot 5: 1:26
5:1      Port Lists  
5:10     All          Slot 1: 5:11
                      Slot 5: 5:10 


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 21.1.

Platform Availability

This command is available on SummitStack switches.