configure vpex auto-configuration mlag-idNEW!

configure vpex auto-configuration mlag-id [cascade | ring]


Sets a preference for when Auto-Configuration configures the virtual MLAG ID. The default (cascade) configures the virtual MLAG ID whenever a 2nd-tier BPE is detected remotely, but not locally.

Syntax Description

vpex Specifies Virtual Port Extender (VPEX).
auto-configuration Specifies the VPEX Auto-Configuration of cascade ports and VPEX slots.
mlag-id Specifies setting a unique MLAG identifier of the MLAG port attached to the bridge port extender (BPE).
cascade Specifies to configure the virtual MLAG identifier when a 2nd-tier BPE is detected on the other controlling bridge, but not locally (default).
ring Specifies to configure the virtual MLAG identifier when a ring is detected.



Usage Guidelines

The ring option provides more cabling time if you need to cable the chain of BPEs as duel-homed instead of single-homed.

This command is applicable only when VPEX Auto-Configuration is enabled in MLAG mode.


The following example configures the default cascade option:
# configure vpex auto-configuration mlag-id cascade

The following example displays output when VPEX Auto-Configuration is not enabled in MLAG mode:

# configure vpex auto-configuration mlag-id ring 
Error: VPEX Auto-Configuration is not in MLAG mode. Bring up MLAG peer, disable then re-enable VPEX Auto-Configuration.


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 31.7.

Platform Availability

This command is available on the ExtremeSwitching X670-G2 , X465 , X690, X590, 5420, 5520 series switches.