show vpex ports

show vpex ports {ports_list}


Shows information about the bridge port extender (BPE) attached to the specified cascade ports.

Syntax Description

vpex Specifies Virtual Port Extender (VPEX).
ports Specifies the cascade port attached to the BPE.
port_list Specifies the cascade port attached to the BPE.


If you do not specify any ports, information for all cascade ports appears.

Usage Guidelines

The following information appears:
  • Port number
  • Cascade port
  • Ext slot
  • Slot identifier for the attached BPE
  • Port state
  • Link state
  • PECSP MAC address
  • PE MAC address
  • CSPOpen and Loc (local) Rem (remote) status— a value of 1 indicates that a CSP Open request has been sent and acknowledged.
  • CSP role flags— when using two CBs with MLAG, the flags indicate which node is performing the role of master (M) and backup (B)

In a redundant CB configuration, the M flag in the output of this command indicates the CB occupying the master role.


The following example shows information for BPEs attached to all cascade ports:

 # show vpex ports
Port    Cascade Ext  Port   Link   PECSP              PE                 CSPOpen
#       Port    Slot State  State  MAC Address        MAC Address        Loc Rem   Flags
1:45    1:45    100  E      A      d8:84:66:88:98:7f  d8:84:66:88:98:65  1   1
1:47    1:47    120  E      A      d8:84:66:88:99:14  d8:84:66:88:98:e3  1   1
1:48    1:47    120  E      A      d8:84:66:88:99:16  d8:84:66:88:98:e3  1   1
100:25  100:25  101  E      A      d8:84:66:88:99:1c  d8:84:66:88:99:03  1   1
101:26  101:26  122  E      A      d8:84:66:88:99:27  d8:84:66:88:98:f3  1   1
120:50  120:50  121  E      A      d8:84:66:88:98:e8  d8:84:66:88:98:b7  1   1
120:52  120:50  121  E      A      d8:84:66:88:98:e9  d8:84:66:88:98:b7  1   1
122:49  122:50  121  E      A      d8:84:66:88:99:22  d8:84:66:88:98:65  0   0       d
122:50  122:50  121  E      A      d8:84:66:88:99:20  d8:84:66:88:98:e3  0   0       d
   Port State: D-Disabled, E-Enabled, F-Disabled by link-flap detection,
               L-Disabled due to licensing
   Link State: A-Active, R-Ready, NP-Port Not Present, L-Loopback,
   Flags: B-CSP Role Backup, C-CSP Role State Complete, d-Dynamic Cascade Port, 
                   I-CSP Role State Init, M-CSP Role Master, T-CSP Role State Transitioning, U-Unknown.


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 22.5.

Ring topology support was added in ExtremeXOS 22.7

Platform Availability

This command is available on the ExtremeSwitching X670-G2 , X465 , X690, X590, 5420, 5520 series switches.