configure sharing minimum-active

configure sharing port minimum-active min_links_active


This command allows you to configure a value for the minimum number of active links to keep the entire LAG up.

Syntax Description

sharing Load sharing.
port Master port.
minimum-active Minimum active links for group to remain in service.
min_links_active Number of active links. Default is 1. Range is 1 – 8.



Usage Guidelines

Use this command to configure the value for the minimum number of active links to keep the LAG up.


The following example display output from the show port port sharing command using minimum active links:

# sh ports 14 sharing 
Load Sharing Monitor
Config  Current  Agg       Min    Ld Share   Ld Share   Agg    Link    Link Up      
Master  Master   Control   Active Algorithm  Group      Mbr    State   Transitions 
    14            Static       2      L2          14       -       R         0
                                      L2          15       Y       A         1                                     
                                      L2          16       -       R         0
Link State: A-Active, D-Disabled, R-Ready, NP-Port not present, L-Loopback
Minimum Active: (<) Group is down. # active links less than configured minimum
Load Sharing Algorithm: (L2) Layer 2 address based, (L3) Layer 3 address based
                        (L3_L4) Layer 3 address and Layer 4 port based
                        (custom) User-selected address-based configuration
Custom Algorithm Configuration: ipv4 L3-and-L4, xor
Number of load sharing trunks: 2 (1 displayed)


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 15.7.

Platform Availability

All ExtremeXOS-based platforms that support static LAG and LACP are supported.