disable flow-control ports

disable flow-control [tx-pause {priority priority} | rx-pause {qosprofile qosprofile}] ports [all | port_list]


Disables specified flow control configurations.

Syntax Description


Specifies transmission pause processing.


Specifies all priorities or single priorities--dot1p priority for tagged packets and internal priority for untagged packets. Used with priority flow control only.


Specifies reception pause processing.


Specifies a QoS profile (“qp1” “qp2” “qp3” “qp4” “qp5” “qp6” “qp7” “qp8”) to pause for priority flow control packet reception. Used with priority flow control only.


Specifies all ports or slots.


Specifies one or more ports or slots and ports.



Usage Guidelines

IEEE 802.3x-Flow Control

Use this command to disable the processing of IEEE 802.3x pause flow control messages received from the remote partner. Disabling rx-pause processing avoids dropping packets in the switch and allows for better overall network performance in some scenarios where protocols such as TCP handle the retransmission of dropped packets by the remote partner.

To disable RX flow-control, TX flow-control must first be disabled. Refer to the disable flow-control ports command. If you attempt to disable RX flow-control with TX flow-control enabled, an error message is displayed.

IEEE 802.1Qbb-Priority Flow Control

Use this command to disable the processing of IEEE 802.1Qbb priority flow control messages received from the remote partner. Disabling TX stops the port from transmitting PFC packets for that priority, regardless of congestion. Disabling RX stops the processing of PFC packets received on that port for the specific QoS profile.


IEEE 802.3x

The following command disables the tx flow-control feature on ports 5 through 7 on an ExtremeSwitching switch:

# disable flow-control tx-pause ports 5-7

IEEE 802.1Qbb

The following command disables TX for priority 3 on port 3:

# disable flow-control tx-pause priority 3 ports 3

The following command disables RX for QoS profile qp4 on port 6:

# disable flow-control rx-pause qosprofile qp4 port 6


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 12.1.3.

The priority function (PFC) was added in ExtremeXOS 12.5.

Platform Availability

IEEE 802.3x

The basic TX-pause and RX-pause functions of this command are available on all switches.

IEEE 802.1Qbb

The priority function (PFC) is available only on 10G ports.