AP Adoption History

An AP Adoption History screen displays a list of peer access points and their adoption event status.

To view historical statistics for adopted access points:

  1. Select the Statistics tab from the Web UI.
  2. Expand the System from the navigation pane (on the left-hand side of the screen). The System node expands to display RF Domains created within the managed network.
  3. Expand an RF Domain node, and select one of it's connected access points. The access point's statistics menu displays in the right-hand side of the screen, with the Health tab selected by default.
  4. Expand the Adoption menu.
  5. Select AP Adoption History.
    The Adoption > Adoption History screen is displayed.
    Click to expand in new window
    This screen describes the following historical data for adopted access points:
    Event Name

    Displays the adoption status of each listed access point as either adopted or un-adopted.

    AP MAC Address

    Displays the MAC address of each access point this access point has attempted to adopt.


    Displays the reason code for each event listed in the adoption history table.

    Event Time

    Displays day, date and time for each access point adoption attempt.

  6. Select Refresh to update the screen's statistics counters to their latest values.