Device Upgrade History

Once an upgrade operation has completed, an administrator can assess whether the upgrade was successful, the number of times the operation was attempted before completed and any errors encountered while upgrading.

To assess the administration, scheduling and progress of device firmware updates:

  1. Select Operations.
  2. Ensure Devices is selected from the Operations menu on the top, left-hand, side of the screen.
  3. Expand the System node, select a RF Domain and one of its member devices.
  4. Select the Adopted Device Upgrade tab.
  5. Select Upgrade History.
    Click to expand in new window
  6. Refer to the following Upgrade History status:


    Displays the administrator assigned Hostname for each listed controller, service platform or access point that‘s received an update.

    Device Type

    Displays the controller, service platform or access point model upgraded by a firmware update operation.

    MAC Address

    Displays the device Media Access Control (MAC) or hardware address for a device that‘s received an update.


    Displays the upgrade result for each listed device.


    Displays the time and date of the last status received from an upgraded device.


    Displays the number of retries, if any, needed for the firmware upgrade operation.

    Upgraded By

    Displays the administrator credentials responsible for initiating each listed upgrade operation.

    Last Status

    Displays the last status update received for devices that have been upgraded.

  7. Select the Clear History button to clear the current update information for each listed device and begin new data collections.