Crypto CMP Certificate

Certificate Management Protocol (CMP) is an Internet protocol to obtain and manage digital certificates in a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) network. A Certificate Authority (CA) issues the certificates using the defined CMP.

Using CMP, a device can communicate to a CMP supported CA server, initiate a certificate request and download the required certificates from the CA server. CMP supports multiple request options through for device communicating to a CMP supported CA server. The device can initiate a request for getting the certificates from the server. It can also auto update the certificates which are about to expire.

The CMP client on the controller, service platform or Access Point triggers a request for the configured CMS CA server. Once the certificate is validated and confirmed from the CA server it is saved on the device and becomes part of the trustpoint. During the creation of the CMP policy the trustpoint is assigned a name and client information. An administrator can use a manually created trustpoint for one service (like HTTPs) and use the CMP generated trustpoint for RADIUS EAP certificate based authentication.

Use the Crypto CMP Certificate menu item to manage these certificates:

  1. Refer to the following for more information on Crypto CMP Certificates:
    Hostname Lists the administrator assigned hostname of the CMP resource requesting a certificate renewal from the CMP CA server.
    MAC Address Lists the hardware encoded MAC address of the CMP server resource.
    Trust Point Name Trust Point Name Lists the 32 character maximum name assigned to the target trustpoint. A trustpoint represents a CA/identity pair containing the identity of the CA, CA specific configuration parameters, and an association with an enrolled identity certificate.
    Trust Point Valid Until The expiration of the CMP certificate is checked once a day. When a certificate is about to expire a certificate renewal can initiated with the server via an existing IPsec tunnel. If the tunnel is not established, the CMP renewal request is not sent.
  2. Select Trigger Certificate Renewal to begin update the credentials of the certificate. If a renewal succeeds, the newly obtained certificate overwrites an existing certificate. If the renewal fails, an error is logged.
  3. Select Refresh to update the screen to the last saved configuration.