Link Layer Discovery Protocol Configuration

The LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) provides a standard way for a controller or access point to advertise information about themselves to networked neighbors and store information they discover from their peers.

LLDP is neighbor discovery protocol that defines a method for network access devices using Ethernet connectivity to advertise information about them to peer devices on the same physical LAN and store information about the network. It allows a device to learn higher layer management and connection endpoint information from adjacent devices.

Using LLDP, an access point is able to advertise its own identification, capabilities and media-specific configuration information and learn the same information from connected peer devices.

LLDP information is sent in an Ethernet frame at a fixed interval. Each frame contains one m LLDP PDU(Link Layer Discovery Protocol Data Unit). A single LLDP PDU is transmitted in a single 802.3 Ethernet frame.

To set the LLDP configuration:

  1. Select the Configuration → Devices → System Profile tab from the Web UI.

    The Profile screen displays. This screen lists the default and user-defined profiles.

  2. Click Add to create a new profile. If modifying an existing profile, select the profile and click Edit.

    The profile configuration menu displays.

  3. Expand the Network menu and select Link Layer Discovery Protocol.

    To delete e profile, select it and click Delete.

    The LLDP configuration menu displays.

    Click to expand in new window
    Network - Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) screen
  4. Set the following LLDP parameters for the profile configuration:
    Enable LLDP Select this option to enable LLDP on the access point. LLDP is enabled by default When enabled, an access point advertises its identity, capabilities and configuration information to connected peers and learns the same from them.
    Hold Time Use the spinner control to set the hold time (in seconds) for transmitted LLDP PDUs. Set a value from 10 - 1,800. The default hold time is 180 seconds.
    Timer Set the interval used to transmit LLDP PDUs. Define an interval from 5 - 900 seconds. The default setting is 60 seconds.
    Inventory Management Discovery Select this option to include LLPD-MED inventory management discovery TLV in LLDP PDUs. This setting is enabled by default.
    Extended Power via MDI Discovery Select this option to include LLPD-MED extended power via MDI discovery TLV in LLDP PDUs. This setting is disabled by default.
  5. Select OK to save the LLDP configuration changes.

    Select Reset to revert to the last saved configuration.