Radio QoS Configuration and Deployment Considerations

Before defining a radio QoS policy, refer to the following deployment guidelines to ensure the configuration is optimally effective:

  • To support QoS, each multimedia application, wireless client and WLAN is required to support WMM.
  • WMM enabled clients can coexist with non-WMM clients on the same WLAN. Non-WMM clients are always assigned a best effort access category.
  • Use default WMM values for all deployments. Changing these values can lead to unexpected traffic blockages, and these blockages might be difficult to diagnose.
  • Overloading an access point radio with too much high priority traffic (especially voice) degrades overall service quality for all of its users.
  • TSPEC admission control is available only with newer voice over WLAN phones. Many legacy voice devices do not support TPSEC or even support WMM traffic prioritization.