AP Radios

The Radio statistics screens display information on access point radios. The actual number of radios depend on the access point model and type. The radio statistics screens display information on a per radio basis. Use this information to refine and optimize the performance of each radio and improve client throughput.

The access point's radio statistics screens detail associated radio ID, type, RF quality index etc. Use this information to assess the overall health of radio transmissions and access point deployment accuracy.

Each of these screens provide enough statistics to troubleshoot issues related to the following three areas:

Individual access point radios display as selectable links within each of the three radio screens. To review a radio's configuration in greater detail, select the link within the Radio column. Use the Details screen to review this radio's configuration in greater detail, as additional deployment location, configuration, Smart RF, quality index and wireless client information becomes available.

Additionally, navigate the Traffic, WMM TSPEC, Wireless LANs and Graph options available on the upper, left-hand side, of the screen to review radio traffic utilization, WMM QoS settings, WLAN advertisement and radio graph information in greater detail. This information can help determine whether the radio is properly configured in respect to its intended deployment objective.